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  1. This isn't posted yet? http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/07/21/jerry-jones-says-nfl-is-closer-than-ever-to-los-angeles-return/
  2. Des Moines in the South makes me barf still...
  3. Then just say "It's a dumb idea", give an explanation why, and then I would take it as constructive criticism.
  4. Ever think there's a reason everyone keeps ignoring you? I am just based on his coffee choice. Starbucks? Bleh. At least I respect opinions.
  5. I think I have stated the Seattle Roast billions of times already. It would be an awesome tribute to the coffee industry, and I love Seattle coffee (specifically Starbucks).
  6. Pittsburgh in Heinz field is more suitable. The Flyers and the Penguins shoudn't have the same stadium.
  7. You mean other than not moving them to Milwaukee? Anyways, I found this online. I think it would work, it's just Columbus and Nashville need to be switched, and Bettman needs to realize his plan sucks:
  8. That fills the Key enough, but then with Sonics Arena and such, what will happen when they're there if it even does get built?
  9. We're dealing with Gary Bettman here. Nothing is guaranteed.
  10. All that really matters is if the Coyotes get out of Glendale.
  11. Switch Columbus off with Detroit then switch the Predators and Blackhawks and you have a deal.
  12. It probably does. It might even outrank the Mariners.
  13. Seattle Roast! My new favorite NHL team?

  14. Congrats, but I wanted to see how the 6 stores would pan out. That would been a great place to put a Safeway...
  15. Narnia League: Glendale Coyotes Gwinnett County Thrashers Cumming Flames KC Scoots
  16. I'd just go with Coyotes and Panthers. People attend Predators games and Carolina has the ownership and management that seems willing to make it work. Preds have a small arena with only being 19th in attendance percent.
  17. Likely Phoenix Coyotes Nashville Predators Florida Panthers Columbus Blue Jackets Maybe even the Dallas Stars?
  18. *facepalms at self* Back on topic, I really hope this is the end of the Coyotes and beginning of the Nordiques or possibly, just possibly, the Seattle Roast.
  19. The Suns have been there for almost 50 years, so, why?
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