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  1. That looks great! I've always thought there was a version of the fisherman logo that would have worked wonders. I would try the away jersey with a navy blue yoke. Something about the orange one just isn't working.
  2. I'm a fan of the Scorpions concept (I particularly like that bright orange color), but I should also note that the city is spelled 'Tucson', not 'Tuscon'. I think the number font on the back might be a little too big, also.
  3. I'm not sold on that much gold for the Braves (they're looking a little like a Florida Panthers crossover to me), but that's more personal preference, I think. The Astros and Tigers are spectacular.
  4. Ruwisc

    TB Rays Concept

    I like it a lot, but there are a couple of things I'd do differently: - If the team is still the Tampa Bay Rays, I think the away uni should probably read Tampa Bay instead of just Tampa. - I'm also not sure about having drastically different fonts for "Tampa Bay" and "Rays". It looks nice when they're together in the wordmark, but on the jerseys when they're separated they create two really different looks. This is more personal preference, though.