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  1. GREAT Concept!!! I suggest removing the "Fleur De Pelican" from the subliminal flag and actually using the Fleur De Lis instead. I would also remove it from the hips as it takes away from the nice wing design you have, I personally don't like that logo to begin with and it should be exchanged for the Fleur De Lis they used above the wordmark... but that's just me. I will also remove the logo off the neck lining as it looks out of place. I would also like to see how the side panels would have looked like if they were kept Gold inplace of the Red, but I like how it looks now. Keep up the good work, I wonder if you will be doing a league wide overhaul or not.
  2. Any one know if this template is in Vector format?
  3. Not quite but similar... but also not a bad idea
  4. Good luck with that.. uniwatch has images on their website but i wouldn't be surprised to see if they are removed Thanks for your efforts guys... how about last years? I know I'm asking for a request on the wrong forum... just need some help (Creating some concepts)
  5. Anyone have the link to the Adidas Catalog for this year?
  6. 1. New York Knicks 1992-1997 Uniform vs. The modernized current version Wordmark, Sleeve Piping, Waistband & Shorts Side Panels are completely changed for the far worse modernization of a great set. Modernizing a set can hurt the total image of team if done incorrectly like these new sets... lets not even mention that horrible Alternate. 2. Miami Dolphins 1997-2012 Logo vs. T.D.'s Modernization #5 Honestly the new logo is a well rendered logo, but its just not what you would have expected... I personally don't like it and don't really accept what Nike has done to the entire NFL... Also Nike's Uniform designs have not been up to par since their inception. 3. Utah Jazz 2004-2010 color scheme vs Current color scheme The Jazz have been on a Identity crisis for several decades as they try to fit their Nickname with the state of Utah. Inconveniently back in 1979 the Jazz relocated from New Orleans, the franchise continue to use the name which was heavily associated with NOLA background. With no association to the genre of Jazz Utah try to insert a mountain/snow vibe into their logo's and uniforms. Ofcourse the famous late 90's uniforms set the tone on what a team from Utah should look like as they continued on and presented the 2004 update. This color scheme in particular to me is far more superior then their current "Let's pay homage to our NOLA past but give the Mardi Gras color scheme a little Utah feel to it, buy using Navy instead of Purple." To me its gives you that mountain chill, that "We are from up north in the Rockies" feel... but that's just me
  7. JAD

    NBA Adidas 30 Template

    Does Anyone have the AI template... this will be a great help for me and many others trying to use them and post our concpets. Thank you
  8. Great Ideas through out the entire series SFGiants58 ... I'm curious to know how would you handle the divisions distributions with the two new teams added?
  9. Dallas Mavericks Alternate Jersey 2003-2004
  10. *See how the side panel doesn't evoke a "Barber Pole"effect like Marquette or even the Nuggets ALT jerseys shorts do, I believe mimicking the same flow as these original 1986-1993 jersey's will suit better for them or even placing the "Irish Rainbow" only on the shorts would be a better fit to modernize a classic look.* On a side note I would eliminate the white out of the "Rainbow" but thats just me. I hope this made it more clearer for you...
  11. Toronto Raptors: Great Idea, love the nod to the original jerseys set. I suggest to arch the wordmarks on the front and laced them with a white stroke to compensate the eyes. Another suggestion would be to remove the Canadian flag from the waist band and return the Maple Leaf logo above the Players name. Milwaukee Bucks: Not a big fan of the barber pole side panels for this team, I would suggest to create the same "Rainbow" effect as their original counter parts. Other than that it is a great concept. Great drafts and composition, can't wait to see this grow.
  12. JAD

    NBA court database

    Wondering if you could get a gig with Chris to upload these to the mothership? Just an Ideas as it will help out tremendously for CC. They are all great and very accurate, keep up the good work
  13. It should be noted that these Jersey's are branded with a "Mardi Gras" (Purple, Green, Gold, White) influence and pay homage to the heritage of the French inspired city of New Orleans. Meanwhile keeping the main flow of the some-what traditional Red (West) vs. Blue (East) All-Star jersey theme. Horrible.... horrible job by Adidas and the NBA
  14. This is the logo I was implying... hence I said Secondary
  15. In my opinion every sports team logo can be reintroduced to another sport who which it doesn't belong too but many do stand out. Examples... MLB Oakland Athletics Primary: NHL Crest NBA Boston Celtics Secondary: NHL Crest Portland TrailBlazers Alternate (Modified Angle via 1970-1990): MLB Cap Logo (Even A NHL Crest) NFL Buffalo Bills Primary: NHL Crest New Orleans Saints Primary: MLB Cap Logo