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  1. Imagine someone coming head first at a runner's face...
  2. This is neat. On the mark, try to experiment with more strokes and borders as opposed to just having a yellow outline on the outer edge. It would help make this look less generic which I think is the biggest issue. The lines on the top half are too flat; add some dimension and be sure to have their shape tie to the whatever name you end up choosing. Deco hood ornaments are a great reference point to use in this case, imo.
  3. Usually Adidas is behind stuff like this but Nike? For shame.
  4. I think the whole idea is that the tiger stripes are horrid. Orange and black often make for sweet color schemes (eg. SF Giants) but those stripes are more Akili Smith than Ken Anderson.
  5. The type is definitely a bit too playful.
  6. I remember as a kid breaking down each shape of the Bulls logo until I was able to sketch it perfectly with no reference. I guess it was the impetus.