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  1. Big time. They were the runner up in the RWC final in 2011. Lost by 1 to the All Blacks. They always show up in World Cup. We got robbed by NZ in 2011. That's the painful truth.
  2. I'm arriving a little late to the party, but I must say this thing was neat. I really like Reims and Paris. Although, for future references, in french you have to switch the names. "Toulouse Fusée" should have been "Fusée (de) Toulouse". But on the design side, I really like it. Two ideas that popped to my mind while reading: Yellow and Green are not the colours of the city of Nantes (it's more Green and Red) but the colours of the soccer club. And the gallic tribe "Belgae" is actually more linked to Belgium, since its that tribe that gave its name to the country (Belgium/Belgique/Belgae) so it's not really representative of Metz. Anyway, great job, it's always nice to see concepts taking place outside of the regular North America.
  3. Here we go with the last Five teams of the current Premier League season. Hull City Tigers Southampton Saints Stoke City Potters Sunderland Black Cats West Ham Hammers Next stop shall be... Germany!
  4. I gave it a try at first with wordmarks, but I don't feel like it, even on real NFL jerseys. It's just a matter of personnal taste. Concerning secondary logos, it's kinda hard since I like to use already existent logos to keep the clubs' identity, so I believe it would feel like a duplicate if I put them on the kit. Back when I first started with this series, I've asked for an helping hand concerning the codes of NFL jerseys, and one of the most important was that the number should be visible from outside the pitch (for substitution matters I guess), so I thought I'd better drop stripes on jerseys for they could mislead the eye from the numbers. But I believe striped helmet and what I did with QPR kinda does the trick (expect something similar with clubs such as Celtic, or Milan).
  5. Thanks guys ! Here are 4 new teams Queens Park Rangers Swansea City AFC ===> Swansea City Swans Tottenham Hotspurs West Bromwich Albion ===> West Bromwich Throstles Yet to come in Premier League: - Hull City Tigers - Southampton Saints - Stoke City Potters - Sunderland Black Cats - West Ham Hammers
  6. You're obviously not from here. No one from this area would ever consider the newark path and nj transit part of the NYC transit system. But anyway - there's a difference between representing New York and acting like u actually play in New York city when you don't. The Giants, jets, and islanders all represent the New York metro area-- but none of them use specific New York city imagery as part of their branding. There's a difference.Then why not NYNJ MetroStars ? I believe NYNJ is widely used (for WrestleMania 29 for example) and recognized as representing this very area.
  7. Yes, I needed a little time to adapt. I'm not used to NFL kits, but I really enjoy designing them.
  8. I'm not sure about the M, I don't think it fits the logo that much, maybe you should try putting it in the middle circle. And I'd like to hear what made you take the Red-Yellow colours. I'd have agreed if there would be a possible rivalry between MetroStars & Cosmos. But really, MLS is full of bull :censored: for trying to shove pre-manufactured rivalries down the fan's throats. Who :censored:ing cares about NYCFC despite bandwagon fans and american MCFC enthousiasts (which is a pleonasm). Same goes for the brand new Los Angeles FC they just announced to take Chivas' place. FFS MLS !!
  9. Here are two updates for Aston Villa and Newcastle. Burnley FC ===> Burnley Clarets For this one, I've tried to play with the stair-like (or pixel-like) art on the heraldic featured on their crest. Liverpool FC ===> Liverpool Reds Chelsea FC ===> London Blues
  10. Well, your away kit is realistic given the artistic masturbation some manufacturer go through just to sell it. Concerning the names, I can provide them to you if you need any help. You will find dozens of regional languages, but most are obsolete and with very low amount of speakers nowadays (I'm talking hundreds for some) and don't have a popular backup to actually have them institutionalized. I'd suggest you only take into consideration breton names, basque, corsican, alsatian, catalan, savoyard, and maybe occitan (though it's probably the least supported of the seven).
  11. I'd like to see an orange away jersey. In here and IRL.
  12. I like that you used the alsatian name of Strasbourg, hope you'll keep that detail with breton and corsican teams (can't wait to see Nantes... Naoned !). Though I don't like the clash jersey, I don't know if you're familiar with soccer kits, but these kind of super-innovative colourful design are always hated by the fans. I think you should have stuck with two to three colours maximum.
  13. I'll rework on the Villians, but right now, here are 2 updates (Manchester) and 2 new teams ! Manchester United ==> Manchester Red Devils Manchester City ==> Manchester Golden Eagles Leicester City FC ==> Leicester City Foxes Newcastle United ==> Newcastle Seahorses
  14. I'm considering what you said on Villa, but I don't see what kind of logo I could use with Villians.
  15. After a couple of weeks not posting anything, I've decided to come back with major updates. I've found a helmet template that allows me to work on the back of it, so here are the first 4 teams of the new turn. My goal here will be to have one franchise for every 2014-15 Premier League season. I will work on other leagues a little later. The kits are directly inspired by the current IRL kits of each teams. Arsenal FC ---------- London Gunners Aston Villa FC --------- Aston Villa Lions Crystal Palace FC ---------- Crystal Palace Eagles Everton FC ---------- Everton Toffees