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  1. Not the best of pictures, but it was over 125 years ago... Chesterfield Town sporting Union Jack jerseys.
  2. Hup Holland Hup. Sergio Ramos' deliberate yellow in the first leg so he could sit this easy match out is currently looking like quite the decision.
  3. For me, the outline of the shirt could do with a tad more thickness, but I think the lines within are okay. That’s just personal preference, though!
  4. When we find something we're good at, we stick with it.
  5. These are my go-to soccer templates so it’s fair to say I’m pretty happy with them in general, but talk of an update is always good to hear. Just to build on what’s already been suggested, some interchangeable collars would be great. I think folk tend to adapt them from season-to-season and maker-to-maker to reflect current designs - I know I certainly do - but a core set would be very useful. I’d tweaked the template a bit to show the sides to be more curved than the original, as this is closer to player issue shirts rather than replicas, which tend to be straighter - personally, I think it's a better look for a template. The cuffs could perhaps be straight, though - with the shirt laid flat that's how they appear, as on the Legia shirt you posted above One modification I have made is to make a long-sleeved version for goalkeeper jerseys, so if the official raysox set could include one of those that would be tremendous.
  6. Well... The first thing to point out is that this crest is the result of a supporters survey, fans could pick a preferred tiger head, shield shape, lettering and so forth. The preferred choices would then be combined into the new crest. Obviously, that's not really an ideal way to go about designing a crest. So what do I reckon to the result? Two main issues for me - first, the tiger. I know the old version isn't that popular outside of East Yorkshire, but whilst it's not perfect it does have a resonance amongst supporters. It's been redrawn, but I think the new version looks less like an actual tiger than the original - the swirling stripes don't resemble those of the real-life creature, as @Gothamite opines it more resembles a jaguar. I don't really see the point of replacing the older head with an almost identical but vastly inferior version. Odd. The second issue relates to how the name is handled - the radially arched letters don't echo the shape of the shield and to me this difference looks really jarring. Had the sides of the shield been straight rather than curved and the club name been vertically arched, I think that would have been a massive improvement. It's frustrating because it's close, but for me it's not quite there.
  7. Just as an aside, I don't really think it's developed as a choice between the two. Granted I'm speaking from a British perspective, but shirt sponsorship here became commonplace a number of years before regular live TV coverage began. Although some live league matches had been broadcast since the mid-1980s, shirt sponsorship kicked in during the late 1970s and was more or less ubiquitous by the early 1980s - logos on kits came in before regular live TV coverage, certainly some time ahead of the blanket broadcasts of the Premier League era in the 1990s. Additionally, it should be noted that the main channel for the league highlights show and live FA Cup coverage - even before live league broadcasts became commonplace - has generally been the BBC, which is funded by a licence fee and so doesn't have ad breaks. Anyway, enough of the ads and back to the show. Some more Italian kits - first, Catania... And Sassoulo home, away and third... Plus goalkeepers...
  8. And thrice no. Meanwhile, Sampdoria's home shirt looking as ace as always aside from that flash of white on the collar. I think the banding on the shorts may be a bit OTT, but I'll reserve judgement until I've seen the whole kit in action.
  9. We'll sing all day, we'll sing all day, Hull City away...
  10. Manchester United do turn out in black shorts with their home kit when playing away and there’s a clash with their opponent’s shorts, but as first choice? Poor move. I’m also a little unclear as to how exactly the kit pays tribute to the workers of the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway. The black lines apparently are a representation of rail track, but that seems like quite a stretch to me at least.
  11. Hmm. Paraguay's Club Olimpia, going a tad Fulham...
  12. They're loosely based on a couple of Fulham kits from the 1990s...
  13. I'd have preferred France's opponents to be in white/blue/white, but the above combination is aesthetically pleasing...
  14. The boys have done good out there.
  15. I’ll no doubt be along to bemoan penalty shootouts later this evening...