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  1. So far, I'd say Thrashers, Avs, Coyotes, and Lightning are all better than any uniform they've ever worn. And I'm a fan of the current Coyotes uniform.
  2. I think the SKN is creative. However, is there a way to make the "arms" of the "K" a similar angle as the stripe on the flag. Basically sell the play off of the flag a little more. I agree one hundred percent. An awesome thread.
  3. I agree, love the logo, don't care for the font. Also, no white aways? I know you're riffing on 70s baseball, but I'd like to see a white and brown away. The other thing is, this would definitely pass in the 70s, font and all. But are you trying to make a 70s look that looks good now or just one that could hack it in the 70s. A different font and I'd be all about this uniform now with the 70s vibe. Logo is so much better than what the actual thrashers used.