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  1. This is the best time of the year for fans of championship rings. By mid March MLS Cup Champions Seattle Sounders should be receiving their new rings. Jostens has been making some large interesting rings two out of the last 3 years with Tiffany still making under sized rings for LA Galaxy, just like their small SB ring for Seahawks. April 12 Cubs will be receiving WS ring 104 years in making, Jostens already selected and should be able to come up with a pretty good ring. April through June will be also be time for various CFB championship rings and given the almost 40 Bowl games, there will be plenty of rings issued this year also. And Finally around June 15th Patriots 5th SB ring will be unveiled. All previous Patriots SB rings were made by Jostens and they did not disappoint. Its hard to imagine they would not go with Jostens and lets see if they can beat their own 2014 SB ring which is the largest championship ring ever made. As far as heaviest championship ring, the record of 165 grams will remain with Cavaliers ring for years to come.
  2. Hey Mike: I thought you might like this for your blog.............There was a piece on Monday night ESPN telecast about NY Giants Bobby Johnson pawning his SB XXI ring for $250, they said it was bought by a Giants fan for 10K in an auction later on, here is a link to the article... http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/17694257/remembering-new-york-giants-season-altering-1986-win-vikings
  3. If this is the real ring, it is gorgeous. Pics leaked by Cavaliers player Richard Jefferson
  4. Sorry for delayed response, long weekend... dimensions are from broncos/jostens video on broncos' website http://www.denverbroncos.com/multimedia/videos/Designing-the-Broncos-Super-Bowl-50-ring/2d954455-af8a-42aa-a63f-672b21c0f155
  5. Mike, I am dying to know if Denver 50 ring is larger than Pats 2014 ring? I do think Pats ring is larger. So how about you use these measurements against Pats 2004 and Ravens 2013 rings, see which one is longer. Based on that we should have an idea how 50 ring compares to Pats 2014 ring....Here are the 50 ring dimensions in mm
  6. Michigan gets rings for 2000 Orange bowl 16 years later! I am sure this will not be Brady's last ring. http://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/college/university-michigan/2016/03/31/wolverines-getting-ring-orange-bowl-upset/82495664/
  7. both Stanford and TCU rings look great and huge....cant wait to see Bama's rings
  8. So there is 2014 Patriots staff SB ring for sale by Tj. I am surprised he has not put it on ebay. None gold with CZ looks identical to players ring.
  9. Its the 2016 Stanford's Rose Bowl Championship ring
  10. And the largest super bowl ring ever made, the 2014 Patriots ring weighs......only 100 grams! That is according to Jostens who have let us hanging so far. I am sure Mike would make a great blog post about it on his site comparing the the heaviest rings so far. I do belive this last Patriots ring was 10K and previous ones were 14K. Here is a link and video from recent visit by CBS news to Jostnes. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/super-bowl-2016-championship-rings-look-inside-designer-company-jostens/
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