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  1. Anyone interesting in updating the mid-1960s Oklahoma City 89ers guy?
  2. This is all just my opinion. The thing about the lightning bolt is, it is a popular decoration that fighter pilots have used on their helmets. It comes from the USAF seal, where the bolts have been referred to as Jupiter's thunderbolts, Jupiter being the mythological god of the heavens, his thunderbolts symbolizing striking power from the air. With regard to football uniforms (again this is just my opinion), I prefer the thunderbolt remain confined to the helmet, its traditional location for both athletes and pilots. It is a link between the cadets on the field and the pilots serving our country. I don't like it as a design element used in other places on the AFA uniform, but I think it is perfect on the helmets. For athletics, I prefer that AFA emphasize the Falcons. Maybe there is someone on here who was in the Air Force and can add to this part of the discussion.
  3. Oklahoma State 1950s, 1970s, 2001. Not too many other mascots around drawing a gun. Plus, the real-life cowboy this was modeled after was awesome.
  4. @shane1551 There has been club-sport hockey at OSU for a few years, but this is not one of those sweaters. I gathered up the parts to make this sweater, and had it sewn at a local sports uniform retailer. They did everything wrong...the Pete is crooked, the letters of the "brand" logo are placed incorrectly relative to each other, they put the old Big XII logo on the wrong side, and the sleeve numbers were not according to my instructions. It probably cost me over $150 to buy everything and then have it sewn. And then about a year later, I was in TJMaxx and found (and bought) an OSU hockey sweater with the new logo for the crest. I'll post a pic of it this evening. I know the club hockey team wore these sweaters for at least one year.
  5. Hello, new to the community here, although I've been lurking for a while. I am not a jersey collector, but I wouldn't mind having an old Oklahoma City Blazers jersey from the 1960s. Can't imagine there are any around. I was about 7 or 8 the first time I went to a hockey game in OKC. Didn't realize how good some of these players were. I think that for a brief part of their first season, the Blazers had both Gerry Cheevers and Bernie Parent on their roster. 2 future HOF goalies, playing in 1966ish OKC...anyway, I have seen a few on here talk about places that can make a jersey, but I never have found anyone name such a place? Is that off-limits? I suppose that would be the next best thing for me. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know - thanks!