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  1. 18 was just for the year. Because it is a middle school, we don't really have to worry much about the NFHS rules. Good looking out though. I hate the NFHS guidelines. They're archaic.
  2. Hey everyone, I work at a middle school where I am a teacher's aid. I often help out the basketball coaches with practice and run scoreboard/announce at games. The coach told me that they are looking at getting some new uniforms for the 7th grade program. These are just mockups in photofiltre. If they like them, I will have them rendered in photoshop and hopefully, get them made for the team. Here are the specifics. Location: DeKalb, IL (Home of the Northern Illinois Huskies) School name: Clinton Rosette Middle School Mascot: J-Barbs (High school is the Barbs. DeKalb is the birthplace of barbed wire) Colors: Burnt orange and black Home Whites Away darks Barb City Alts
  3. LOVE IT! Have your allstar game at night. What you do is buy some glow necklaces and insert them into the balls. Then, tape some on the bat and the bases. I am 24 and we revert back to our 12 year old selves when we do this. It is so fun.
  4. I like it. Chicago has one of the better logos and uniforms in the AHL. This would clean up their current look.
  5. I wish the Bulls would run this look back. I don't think the wordmark on the baselines has aged well at all for the bulls.
  6. I would have to agree with you. Usually, I don't like dark numbers with a light trim but this is an exception.
  7. Funny you say that because Streamwood is 50 mins outside of Chicago. Right on the edge of Crook Cook County.
  8. Hey everyone, I just recently got into designing uniforms. I used to only do spiritwear for local youth sports organizations but uniforms are just so much fun! My town's local Little League like many others do an All Star team that competes in regionals to try to advance to Williamsport. This is the look I came up with for them. C&C is appreciated.
  9. The thing that makes the Indian Head logo so great is that there are so many colors in the feathers. That logo could be used on almost any color back drop and look phenominal.
  10. I love this throwback. However, the only thing I don't like about it is that the shoulder stripes are vertical and the sleeve stripes are horizontal. I would either color the shoulders midnight blue and leave the sleeve striping or ditch the sleeve stripes and leave the shoulder stripes. Other than that, this set is magical. Don't change this at all. This is perfect.
  11. If you look at old footage of Soldier Field when it had turf, I am pretty sure that style font was used in the end zones to spell "Chicago"