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  1. Homer much? Your grammatical and spelling errors have given me a headache.
  2. I actually have the bedspread in my room right now, not being used, but I have it... and I also have the mini pennant set from the late 70's/early 80's, in mint condition.
  3. Damn those refs! I'm sorry, I don't see where I mentioned the refs/officials. I think he was just being sarcastic. Actually, he's referring to in the NBA thread where I was complaining about the refs in the Lakers/Nuggets series. But I didn't say anything about officials in the Avs series.
  4. Damn those refs! I'm sorry, I don't see where I mentioned the refs/officials.
  5. 7-1 Detroit still not finished w/ the 2nd period, OMG! Taking lessons from the Nuggets I see.
  6. Next in line out the door: George Karl
  7. Yep, the Refs swept the Nuggets. The Lakers were just bystanders. I said that ONE GAME, THE END of it. The Nuggets put themselves in an 0-3 hole, but they did everything they could to win that game last night, and it was one offensive foul after another, and I do blame the refs for that. Something isn't right when Martin, Nene & Melo ALL foul out before there was 4 minutes left in the game.
  8. Nuggets done... this GAME it was all on the officials... 5 offensive fouls in the last 8 minutes of the quarter.
  9. Ask the Nuggets to get with the program, and show up to play Game 4 unlike they did in Game 3 Yea, someone needs to tell the Nuggets they have to actually try. Unfortunately, I see a sweep here and Karl gone. Nothing unfortunate about Karl being gone. The unfortunate part was the sweep... I'm thinking Karl being gone might be what the team needs.
  10. Ask the Nuggets to get with the program, and show up to play Game 4 unlike they did in Game 3 Yea, someone needs to tell the Nuggets they have to actually try. Unfortunately, I see a sweep here and Karl gone.
  11. The Nuggets are DONE! They can't play defense, they're playing like it's just a formality, it's sick. Also looks like George Karl's job is on the ropes now. Melo, Iverson, K-Mart, Camby and still 8th in the conference... It's not the talent, it's the coaching. They should be MUCH better than this.
  12. Here, I'll use this post to update everyone that can't keep up on the picks... Round 1 1. Miami Dolphins - OT, Jake Long, Michigan 2. St Louis Rams - DE, Chris Long, Virginia 3. Atlanta Falcons - QB, Matt Ryan, Boston College 4. Oakland Raiders - RB, Darren McFadden, Arkansas 5. Kansas City Chiefs - DT, Glenn Dorsey, LSU 6. New York Jets - DE, Vernon Gholston, Ohio State 7. New Orleans Saints - DT, Sedrick Ellis, USC 8. Jacksonville Jaguars - DE, Derrick Harvey, Florida 9. Cincinnati Bengals - LB, Keith Rivers, USC 10. New England Patriots - LB, Jerod Mayo, Tennessee 11. Buffalo Bills - CB, Leodis McKelvin, Troy 12. Denver Broncos - OT, Ryan Clady, Boise State 13. Carolina Panthers - RB, Jonathan Stewart, Oregon 14. Chicago Bears - OT, Chris Williams, Vanderbilt 15. Kansas City Chiefs - OG, Branden Albert, Virgina 16. Arizona Cardinals - CB, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Tennessee State 17. Detroit Lions - OT, Gosder Cherilus, Boston College 18. Baltimore Ravens - QB, Joe Flacco, Delaware 19. Carolina Panthers - OT, Jeff Otah, Pittsburgh 20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - CB, Aqib Talib, Kansas 21. Atlanta Falcons - OT, Sam Baker, USC 22. Dallas Cowboys - RB, Felix Jones, Arkansas 23. Pittsburgh Steelers - RB, Rashard Mendenhall, Illinois 24. Tennessee Titans - RB, Chris Johnson, East Carolina 25. Seattle Seahawks -
  13. No way does Denver go with a linebacker in the first round, not gonna happen. They'll most likely either take an offensive tackle or a defensive tackle... and if there's no one they like at 12, they'll probably trade down.
  14. Montreal over Philadelphia in 5 Pittsburgh over NY Rangers in 7 Colorado over Detroit in 6 Dallas over San Jose in 7
  15. Oh, hush. That's just the homer in you screaming out loud. If your team was ever interested in playing defense, then you could bitch about refs. The Nuggets never had a snowball's chance in hell against the Lakers at Staples. You should put all your pent up, misguided, and irrational fanboy lunatic raving into helping them play defense. They need all the help they can get Hell, you'd just better put all that energy in helping them not get swept. The officiating was HORRID at the end of the game last night. I'm fully aware that the Nuggets need to play some freakin' defense to have a shot. I just hate NBA officiating in general, it's the worst in all of sports.
  16. Just curious, could the officiating be any more skewed towards the Lakers right now?
  17. One of the best hockey games I've EVER seen. An amazing game from start to finish. Glad the Avs finally pulled it out.
  18. It could be where 9 teams in the west have 50+ wins... leaving one on the outside looking in.
  19. Because it happens at least decently often. In the last 8 years, 7/16 teams in the World Series have been Wild Card teams. 2006: Tigers 2005: Astros 2004: Red Sox 2003: Marlins 2002: Angels AND Giants 2000: Mets Ummm, are you forgetting the most recent? 2007 Rockies were the NL wildcard.
  20. These, along with the NCAA Helmet Sigs will be back in production in two weeks.
  21. Just letting everyone know this isn't dead... Just been busy with other stuff, and this should start up again soon.
  22. Didn't the Falcons get a new jersey in one of those years? Yeah I forgot them, that was '02. I'd love to see the Bills go to the throwbacks full time, complete with a road set featuring blue pants. Man would that be sweet. Actually, the Falcons were in 2003, fwiw. The Patriots were also in there, but I think that was 2000. The Patriots did in fact change in 2000... From royal blue to navy, and changed the uniforms.
  23. I'm recording it on the Altitude replay right now. It was a fun game to watch. Camby had a triple-double, with assists instead of blocked shots, 4th of his career, but his 2nd this season. High scorer was Carmelo Anthony with, get this... only 26 points. Nuggets Records Set Tonight Most points scored in regulation Largest margin of victory Most three pointers made in a game
  24. I would have to disagree... While I see your point, it says "Ole Miss" right on the helmet, I don't think it needs redundancy. Thank You! I try to place the full school name (not nickname) on there if I can... Sometimes I can't, like UCLA... I'll have more coming this week.