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  1. Well, we have NFL, NBA & NHL sheets, why not MLB? So, I figured I'd put them together for all to enjoy... here's the first of many.
  2. Anyone notice how the names on the back of the Soul unis are graphite outlined in light blue? Which makes it look funny close up, like they accidentally make the letters too big.
  3. The Broncos signed both Marlon McCree and Marquand Manuel
  4. That's his brother? So the names Boss and Champ came from the same family? Wow. Neither are their real names... Champ's is Roland and Boss' is Rodney
  5. Conceptual Big East I know most schools like having letters/words, something identifying the school on their helmets, which has always bothered me, thus why these came out like they did.
  6. So David Garrard is the only QB left starting from the 2002 draft... No, Steve Bellisari is starting for the New Orleans VooDoo
  7. Mountain West (remaining)
  8. Two for my friend who hasn't decided which school she's going to...
  9. does this mean that the pats will try to sign Dante Culpepper? I hear they have a huge hole at qb. No, you got that wrong... they have a huge a-hole at quarterback.
  10. everybody is different. Sorry I didn't clarify... I was saying I didn't get the fact that he feels that the sizes are larger than other clothes bought that are tagged as the same size. Like a 2XL jersey is 'bigger' than say a 2XL t-shirt bought a wal-mart. I get the part about the hat and them not making smaller sizes... I was just saying I didn't get the same problem they are with jersey sizes being physically bigger than anything else made that's marked the same size.
  11. I honestly don't see the problem. The standard flex fit hats always fit me, I always buy a 2XL/54 jersey and they fit just fine (and I wear 2XL shirts). I just don't see any problems with it... maybe you should buy the larger 'youth' sizes if it's really that much of a problem.
  13. I'm surprised no one mentioned that Ian Gold was released by the Broncos this morning, and is apparently close to signing with Miami.
  14. Nick 1733

    Helmet Sigs

    Brian and I have already discussed it... so yea, I plan on doing it.
  15. Well, I'm waiting on PANTONE to get me the RGB values for the NCAA schools... so I just used the values in the logos on the logos site.
  16. The Broncos have officially released Javon Walker. This sucks, because first, they didn't get anything for him, and second, when healthy, he and Brandon Marshall would've been one of the top 3 WR tandems in the NFL.
  17. WOW!!! This Nicholls State sig design is better than I could have imagined! Thanks! Well, I create them solely in Illustrator, and their helmet logo isn't in my logo sheet for them. I have the one with all the gradients, the solid colored one, but not the one used for the helmet... which, after some research is MUCH different then their primary. So I had to basically create it myself.