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  1. Okay, since I keep working on these, I thought I'd post a new thread where they are all organized and not cluttered up. PLEASE, NO REQUESTS IN THIS THREAD! If you would like to make a request, do so in THIS THREAD please. NOTE: DO NOT directly link to the graphics from my photobucket account... save them yourself, and upload them to your own host... thank you. Big Ten Conference
  2. I don't have the 'NCAA' logos for either the Gateway conference or the Great West conference, so instead I just used the NCAA logo itself.
  3. Hah.... He could barely breathe before, how do they expect him to breathe that thin Denver air? Anyways, sounds like something Millen would do. He will trade away one of our better players, for basically nothing, and create another hole to fill. A rather big hole too, literally. Right now it looks like it would be Denver's 4th rounder straight up.
  4. If it's the Navy/Burgundy set... then yes, Camby did wear that jersey for one season. I have two LaPhonso Ellis jerseys from that era.
  5. If anyone is going to request one, let me know what conference the team is in, it makes it easier on me. Unless it's a BIG school, then it's not needed.
  6. I did these three today...
  7. You won't be able to do anything with it unless you open it and use it in a vector editing program (Illustrator, Inkscape, ect.) I newly have AI, but when I open it in AI, there are no layers. Maybe I'm just not versed with AI yet. I'll figure it out. No, there's only one LAYER. All the elements are within that layer... you'll have to ungroup them to move things individually.
  8. You won't be able to do anything with it unless you open it and use it in a vector editing program (Illustrator, Inkscape, ect.)
  9. Here they are, with permission from axl himself. There are some rules here though... 1. With helmets that have the same color helmet and facemask (which isn't white), you need to select the facemask and use the same color, then increase each value (RGB or CMYK) by 10 2. With a black facemask, change the value (RGB) to 30 each. Here they are for download: AI Version EPS Version SVG Version
  10. I'd bring up the AFL logos, since over half them are wrong, messed up, or whatever. I sent Chris all the good versions and he still didn't put them up.
  11. Wow, I stand corrected, at my own hand no less... Left: Mariners Green Center: Dolphins Aqua Right: Jaguars Teal
  12. Why would a team that doesn't have teal in their color scheme want to use 'more' of it? Note: It's not teal, it's more like the Dolphins aqua color
  13. Well, some of us who have jobs have to get up at 4:30 a.m. for weekend overtime on occasion. (And yes, I do realize several of the posters here likely drink this kind of stuff for an extra-tweeky sugar rush. I'm just sayin'.) I really don't drink them for their 'energy'. I just drink them here and there as a tasty beverage, and since I don't drink coffee, they help when I need the energy. Although, I will say, any of those energy drinks can be dangerous... A friend of mine was drinking a Monster every day, and ended up having panic attacks. I was drinking a SoBe every day, quite awhile ago, and had a mental episode... so they can cause problems with one's brain.
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