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  1. Fauxback... That would be interesting. As in back in the day when they sewed their felt letters & numbers on a heavier cloth style jersey? I think replicating that look is a good idea. Let's see what we can do.
  2. I appreciate you all chiming in. I like the red alternate idea and will put something together here soon.
  3. KU has had a couple of new hoops uni's this year and after seeing those new threads, it made me want to do a throwback set that mixed some old lettering and logos. This turned out to be a fun project particularly cleaning up the fierce 1946 Jayhawk which is a favorite of mine. I swapped out the old "KU" from the middle of that old '46 version with the same lettering on the main chest decoration that is from their 1988 era uniforms. In doing that it kind of created a new interlocking-esque KU logo that is also on the white home shorts. My taste is simple and traditional so they're nothing too new or too flashy. KU fans and all basketball fans, feel free to tell me what you think and what you may have done different. Tyson
  4. Thanks scouserduke! I've been visiting Creamer's logo site for awhile now and when I found out about this concept forum I was excited to post something finally. I like to look mostly. I heard about Mark Cuban's jersey contest and wanted to create an entry and thought this would be a good chance to bounce some ideas back and forth with some long-time Mavericks fans. I'll have to post more often because I think this board is entertaining to browse and a great tool for brainstorming and getting help or feedback from other artists and providing ideas as well.
  5. I did play around with that idea of putting the star into the primary somehow. I tried it on the front of the cowboy hat, and also tried to work it into the background and below the "M" and I just couldn't get it to work to where I liked it. Everything I did looked to busy to me. I thought if i worked a star into the side details of the jersey with stitching that would be a cool alternative. I think having the star on the primary would be cool too so I may try some more and repost if I can get it to work. Thanks for the comments
  6. Here are some updates I made from everyone's feedback.
  7. Here is my take at a new re-branding effort for the Dallas Mavericks. I think this set retains the overall simplicity of the old logo and color scheme, but gives it a crisp new look that would hopefully stand the test of time if selected. I've seen this approach more and more lately with the 76ers, Wizards, Jazz etc., and it seems to be successful. I designed that new custom typeface as the foundation and then everything was driven by that. And since Texans love their great state I included some alternate logo options with the state and lone star in there. Comments and feedback are very welcome. Thanks Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  8. I like tying in the western theme as the ones above have done. Well done.