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  1. Nice job with the simple logos; they fit the time period well. I look forward to the completion of MLD.
  2. I would say 6-8 would be appropriate, however if you wanted 10-12 as you stated before im sure that would work as well. My suggestions for Cities would be East 1. Boston 2. Detroit 3. New Jersey 4. Washington DC 5. Atlanta 6. Miami West 7. Denver 8. Los Angeles 9. San Francisco 10. Seattle 11. Phoenix 12. Vancouver
  3. I like your integration of real life photos and real structures paired with your unique concepts and storylines. Bravo
  4. Wow read through the whole thread, and am amazed by the detail of this series. Kudos to you Neo. With that being said here is my Rival League Committee. Name: Cliff Richardson Age: 32 Occupation: Owner of a high grossing New York City Investment Firm Favourite NDA Team: Undecided Bio: Born to wealthy into a wealthy British Family Cliff had no problem making his way to the top of the Finacial Capital of the world. Originally born and raised in Secaucus, New Jersey, he founded his investment firm with a $20,000 loan from his parents in 1940. He racked in huge amounts of money investing in metal and weapon corporations, and to this day has assets across the country. Although he would one day like to bring a team to New Jersey to compete with the Hero's, he is excited to have the opportunity to help expand the league and offer his knowledge in the world of Business League Idea: the Driveball League of America (DLA) Alignment: No Alignment one large league table Rule Changes: increase scoring ratio from 6:3 to 7:3 to encourage more goals. Rather than having the clock tick down, have it tick up and include injury and extra time to discourage time waisting.
  5. August 24th, 2003 What started as a day of excitement at Skydome quickly turned into a day to forget as the Blue Jays lost 17-2 to the Oakland A's Luckily for me I did not forget.
  6. From the computer lab at the local library. Meetings are to be whispered, or they’ll revoke their library card
  7. Coozeland: We have every type of STD your heart could desire.
  8. Thanks for the comments! I hope you enjoy this series. Thanks! Big fan of your work! Big stuff planned for this thread. Today i have a short post as i'm still seeing if anyone else has any C&C, and i want to give people time to find a team to support before the season. 162 games for each team: 19 home, 19 away against division opponents 19 x 2 x 3 = 114. 6 home 6 road games against each inter division rivals. 6 x 2 x 4 = 48. 114+48=162. Notable Rule Differences: DH is enforced universally Only Managers are allowed to argue with umpires Pitchers must warm up before entering a game so there is no breaks All Star Game: The First All Star game will be held on July 12th at AHO Bank Stadium in Naymore Logo: 1957 Preseason: The ABL is set to start its inaugural season. START DATE: April,1st,1957 FIRST GAME: Carson City Aces vs Naymore Pythons 7:10 first pitch Uniform Preview: Every single team has new uniforms to start the season. Next Up: 1957 Regular Season and Postseason REMEMBER TO CHOOSE YOUR TEAM BEFORE THE SEASON STARTS.
  9. Naymore, Acadia, Lawington "The liberal city that's half Lawingtinian, half Alugian" Population: City: 2,215,782 Metro: 5,540,070 Climate: Humid Subtropical Time Zone: UTC +6 Major Sports Teams: 5 State: Acadia The Naymore Pythons: Established in 1957: Once Again, Designs Are simple right now but things will get crazy in the 60s onwards. The Python Dome Next Up: League Structure C&C always welcome as always.
  10. Kormento, Calidonia, Lawington "The Conservative Capital of Lawington" Population: City: 1,254,564 Metro: 3,515,636 Climate: Humid Subtropical (Mountain) Time Zone: UTC +6 Major Sports Teams: 2 State: Calidonia The Kormento Rippers: Established in 1957 Classic and simple for Koremento (Guess what MLB has part ownership) AHO Bank Stadium Next Up: Naymore Pythons
  11. Chrito, Aequalitar, Alugia "Working Class, Down to earth people, and chilly winters define the city that God forgot" Population: City: 851,541 Metro: 1,576,389 Climate: Humid Continental Time Zone: UTC +6 Major Sports Teams: 2 State: Aequalitar Chrito Blizzard: Established in 1957 Primary Logo Home Road Trent Steel Stadium (Chrito Docks) Currently the smallest ballpark in the league, TSS has a single deck down the lines, a small porch and a residential building in right field. The most defining feature of TSS would be the large crane in left field that serves the Chrito Docks. It is often light up at night in Blizzard Blue. Thanks guys for the comments i really appreciate them. I look forward to starting the story on Friday after Naymore and Kormento are posted. Next Up: Kormento and Naymore
  12. So unfortunately for the other 4 Alugian/Lawington teams i dont have any pictures of their cities, but rather just their stadiums Here is Carson City, Carson, Lawington "Eastern Lawingtons Economic center for Business and Finance" Population: City: 2,070,512 Metro: 6,346,345 Climate: Humid Subtropical (Mountain) Time Zone: UTC +6 Major Sports Teams: 4 State: Carson The Carson City Aces: Established in 1957 Primary Logo Home Uni Road Uni Pepsi Presents Aces Ballpark (PPAB) Standard Double Decked stadium down the lines, Famous Hedges enclosing the ballpark trimmed to spell ACES (Look Closely in Left Field), Large Team logo serves as the batting eye, and is beside the Aces Social Club. Great view of the Akembi Mountains in the back. Next Up: Chrito and the Blizzard.
  13. Pharos – Shouts and cheers were heard in the streets in Pharos on Friday as the 4th and final franchise from Coosland admitted into the ABL went to Pharos. Today the team announced its official name and its branding. The “Kings” was the winning entry from a ‘name-the-team’ contest that had over 25,000 entries. “Pharos is nicknamed the King City, so the name ‘Kings’ does not only represent the City of Pharos, but also the people, and the culture as well” Explained Brad Kamaka, president of the Pharos Sports Group. The team also announced its official colours today, selecting black and gold after much thought. “Yes we know that it’s different from traditional baseball colours, but we feel we are setting a new standard for teams across the world” added Kamaka. Pharos will have the longest travel time out of any of the other 3 Cooslandic teams announced, but Mr. Kamaka doesn’t see that as a problem. “We have a nice Airport” he joked with reporters. (Pharos Free Press, February 28th 1957) Kings Ballpark: The Logo & Unis Remember; Designs are simple for now but will get more intricate in the 60s. Next Up: Carson City and Chrito (Lawington/U.T.A)
  14. Pharos, Coracao "The King City rises out of Central Coosland, and is the regions powerhouse in Commerce and Education" Population: City: 2,382,254 Metro: 5,954,845 Climate: Tropical Plains Time Zone: UTC +9 Major Sports Teams: 4 State: Coracao Downtown Pharos Iconic to the city is the Flanders Skyscrapers; Which serves both as a tower and a bridge. A typical Pharos Suburb Next Up: The Pharos Kings