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  1. Watching the Angels-Padres game last night reminded me how stupid this extra-inning rule change is. You could win a game by bunting a guy to third, then a sac fly. How unfair that is to the opposing teams pitcher statistics. ERA spike and a blown save? Ridiculous.
  2. Canada doesn't want people traveling back and forth from the most infected country in the World, despite how "thorough" the protocols are. Citizen safety trumps Major League Baseball any day of the week.
  3. More or less accurate! suns are a bit of a stretch.
  4. Sure its geographic, still a garbage division quality wise. I think you're right by saying come August; how are teams going to survive in the AZ heat?Surely not everyone can play a Chase Field all the time. I'm not from the Area, but would Florida have enough venues to support all 30 teams with present and past spring parks (Jack Russel, Cocoa Beach, Disney World Braves etc.)?
  5. This is such a garbage division. Hopefully they'll use balanced schedules, but the fact the fact they're splitting FL and AZ into subleagues doesnt reassure me. Introducing your 95 win San Diego Padres.
  6. Uh I take my job as National Programming Timeslot Director very seriously thank you very much.
  7. All true regarding kids and their weekday routines on the east coast, however what about those on the west coast?Most people work 9-5, starting the game at 6-7 ET would mean our friends out west wouldnt be able to see the begining innings of the ballgame. If the MLB (or TV scheduling in general) has to choose between keeping the kids of the Eastern Standard Timezone tuned in, or basically the adult viewership of the west coast I think they'd choose the latter.
  8. I think if they ran the league over the summer it would be much more plausible. From my own perspective, the only sport I watch in the summer months is Baseball, while September onwards I watch NFL, NBA, Premier League, NHL not to mention various NCAA competitions. Granted its difficult to gain a following when barely anybody recognizes your sport, but handball is exciting as hell and could be a way to pass the time for non-MLB fans if done correctly.
  9. For me it's a specific style. Vests in Baseball are underappreciated.
  10. Apparently they're trying to get NBA and NHL owners involved, with naming conventions similar to europe. Philadelphia Flyers Handball Club would be next level. Yes it doesnt seem at all likley seeing the obscurity of the sport in the US, but at least there is some corporate interest. If only startup leagues weren't so damn expensive.
  11. Sorry to bump this back from hell... but it looks like the US could get a professional team handball league by 2023. I know plenty of obstacles are in its way; but as a huge handball fan this is great news for me especially because a major company like Verizon seems to be backing it. I can see a pro handball league succeeding in the USA.
  12. Well at least there's something going on now, only problem is the time zone difference. The only other league I can think of still trudging along is Japaneese spring training baseball. Same time related issue though. If I've heard correctly, COVID-19 is waining in Korea (amongst other Asian nations); hopefully the return of KBO regular season action is on the horizon.
  13. A shortened season is nice in principal and all.... But god forbid a favoured team misses the playoffs in a 90-110 game season. We'd never hear the end of it.