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  1. Hey thanks so much for these they're great! If you don't mind me asking... how would it be possible to get these as a vector graphic? Thanks so much and keep up the great work!
  2. Forgive me if this has already been posted but the all star game hats just leaked... https://www.instagram.com/p/CQHEWS8lIAwKRp2YojF3JrvDsGhiBk_6WmL-PI0/
  3. I agree. Can't be City Connect... I'm thinking it could just be a fashion jersey...
  4. By far the best city connect uniforms released so far. I feel as if Black Pants is a first for MLB, could be wrong...
  5. Sox city connect drops tomorrow according to their teams store on IG.
  6. I really like this look for all the same reasons stated above. The only thing I wish they would have done differently is continuing the pinstripes on the sleeves. Up next is the Sox, maybe a "South Side" inspired look??? Feeling more optimistic about this program now than I did when Boston's dropped.
  7. Some clues about Marlins City Connect Zooming in on the top part:
  8. 1. The "Black Jays" look from 2004-2011 was the best the Jays ever looked 2. This is the best scorebug of all time, and I doubt anything will ever come close again. I'll die on my mid 2000's hill if I have to.
  9. https://twitter.com/Pantone294/status/1383101625544241153?s=20 I’m trying to be optimistic, but things like this make me sad. Sorry I don't know how to embed tweets in posts. EDIT: Looks like it's gonna be "Los Dodgers" across the front
  10. Great ideas I agree with most if not all the points you listed. The one thing I would like to see is a limiting Nike's so called "creativity". One of my favorite aspects of branding is having a defined color scheme. I really hate how teams are playing most, if not a significant amount of games in colors I wouldn't usually associate them with. The Bucks are a prime example of this, and it's not going to stop until people stop buying the merchandise. It wouldn't be that bad if they could at least limit the usage, but obviously that hasn't happened. Even in the MLB I see this happening. Looking at the crowd in the White/Red Sox series, I could see many fans sporting the new jerseys, a sign that this gimmicky tactic actually works. Unfortunately for every 1 traditionalist, there seems to be 5 "This is absolute firrrreeeee bro" individuals. As much as I agree with your points and hope Nike can steer the boat in right direction, financially speaking this has been a great success for Nike and it's just going to get worse and worse.
  11. Damn didn't think it would be less than 3 days till the uniform Armageddon (joke)... As often with Nike, most people hate this, and even the most open-minded on this forum want these worn maximum 15 times a year. I'm a discouraged supporter of the "City-Connect" series because I like the creativity and connection to the local market. However make no mistake, asking Nike for restraint is difficult when I truly don't think Nike knows what restraint actually is. We hope for the Boston Red Sox, they see the Boston Make-Us-A-:censored:-Ton-Of-Money-and-screw-your-identity. I know it's pretty much rhetorical at this point...
  12. My prediction is Texas will take the all star game. If this is true I really hope they don’t shoehorn in powder blue into the visual identity as they did with their uniforms in.... 2019 was it???
  13. I'm sure its been said before, but I don't mind if they wear them max 10-15 times a year. Anything more than that is diverting too far from the Mets visual identity IMO. With the Nike Influenced doomsday (probably) on the horizon I can see this getting out of hand quick. I'm praying that the MLB doesn't turn into an NBA-esq disaster.
  14. Watching the Angels-Padres game last night reminded me how stupid this extra-inning rule change is. You could win a game by bunting a guy to third, then a sac fly. How unfair that is to the opposing teams pitcher statistics. ERA spike and a blown save? Ridiculous.
  15. Canada doesn't want people traveling back and forth from the most infected country in the World, despite how "thorough" the protocols are. Citizen safety trumps Major League Baseball any day of the week.
  16. More or less accurate! suns are a bit of a stretch.
  17. Sure its geographic, still a garbage division quality wise. I think you're right by saying come August; how are teams going to survive in the AZ heat?Surely not everyone can play a Chase Field all the time. I'm not from the Area, but would Florida have enough venues to support all 30 teams with present and past spring parks (Jack Russel, Cocoa Beach, Disney World Braves etc.)?
  18. This is such a garbage division. Hopefully they'll use balanced schedules, but the fact the fact they're splitting FL and AZ into subleagues doesnt reassure me. Introducing your 95 win San Diego Padres.
  19. Uh I take my job as National Programming Timeslot Director very seriously thank you very much.
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