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  1. Well, that went poorly Here's the Tweet: "Bill Wanger of FOX Sports says alternate uniforms on Thursday Night Football are going away. Hardcore fans don’t need gimmicks to watch. The game schedule will also be stronger. #NABShow"
  2. <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Bill Wanger of FOX Sports says alternate uniforms on Thursday Night Football are going away. Hardcore fans don’t need gimmicks to watch. The game schedule will also be stronger. <a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#NABShow</a></p>&mdash; Jason Barrett (@sportsradiopd) <a href="">April 10, 2018</a></blockquote> <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script> Apparently Color Rush is ending. I wonder what's going to happen to the uniforms? I always thought several of the jerseys would look well with white pants.
  3. The Patriots' throwbacks were pink in the Madden games of the mid-2000s. It was so infuriating.
  4. Last year, I thought it was interesting when the Rams re-colored their logo during their Color Rush game. So it got me thinking about the other 31 teams and what their logos might look like "Color Rushed." Here are a few designs I made: NOTE: These were done in paint and I'm a total amateur. I've never really used paint before and I haven't used Photoshop since I took a class during my junior year of high school (Winter 2009). I've completed 24 of 32.
  5. I may be wrong, but I don't believe the Patriots have given out #4 since Adam Vinatieri left.
  6. I'm confused by your statement "...opting to not wear the yellow horns..." They are wearing the yellow horns on the helmets, per usual, and, yellow-on-yellow wouldn't work. Are you suggesting that they wear royal on royal with yellow shoulder horns? While that would be an interesting option, I fail to see how it would be better than this. Yellow is such a unique color in sports, I'm so glad they chose to make yellow the primary for the uniform and I really hope this is a hint into what the Rams could wear full-time in either L.A. or the new St. Louis stadium. I believe he is referring to the throwback helmet This. Sorry for confusing you. Honestly, I looked at the picture above and thought they were wearing their "normal" (gold) helmet horns.
  7. The Bucs' uniforms are better than their regular uniforms (that's not saying much, but it's the truth). The Rams wore all yellow in 1948 and these seem to be very similar to those uniforms. I like the Rams' look a lot, but opting to not wear the yellow horns was a huge miss.
  8. In the Gamecube version of Madden 07, the Patriots' throwback uniforms were light red. They were practically pink. It looks like they washed them with the white pants and the color came out.
  9. I think they look good in action, but the "BROWNS" on the pants ruins the whole uniform. If they just finished the strip it would be a good modernization of a classic look, but the weird slanted cut-off throws off the entire uniform.
  10. Celtics just announced a new St. Patrick's Day jersey with sleeves. This means the green jerseys with the gold font are gone, which sucks.
  11. They do. Whenever a team wears a throwback helmet, the team where's that helmet during practice. This rule is absurd!
  12. The all-black helmet makes the gold logo pop so much more. From the waist up, they actually look good. Out of curiosity, could someone make the helmet all gold? I want to see what it looks like
  13. That sucks! I really like their throwbacks. Speaking of throwbacks, the Bills may be wearing their throwbacks Week 2 against the Panthers. I was on a website reading an article about the Bills and they advertised that game on the side. However, they had the throwback "standing Bill" helmet, not the regular helmets.
  14. While I was working the other day, I saw a picture of my high school's football team from the 1890s. I was thinking to myself, "Wow, how awesome would it be if someone made accurate throwbacks from the early 20th c." Love the Iowa uniforms! I like ND's as well, A lot better than the ones from last year.
  15. I thought the Jaguars' helmets were going to grow on me, but they haven't. They're just awful. They look terrible in motion. The ironic thing is the only time I'm going to watch the Jags this season is on the Redzone channel. So I'll always see the helmets against my will.