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  1. Things I like: Color I love that the NFL finally realized that the trophy in the middle made no sense as it looked like an extra roman numeral, so I'm glad they stuck it behind the roman numerals this time I also like that they actually included a theme for the location (palm trees/sunset) instead of having the stadium for example. Things I don't like: Still essentially the same template Too many "realistic" effects (how the heck do you paint this on the field or embroider on merchandise, etc.?) Also don't like how the trophy is visible behind L and the V; it's too distracting to the eye
  2. Another Super Bowl is in the books. Congrats to Tom Brady on his 7th Super Bowl ring, now the question is can he repeat in LA next year for Super Bowl LVI? The NFL has continued to go with a templated logo for next year's big game, though there is more color and other pluses, so I guess it's a step in the right direction. In any case, I've continued with my tradition of making a Super Bowl logo of my own for next year. Below is my design for Super Bowl LVI: since the game is in Los Angeles and since it's the first game in the Los Angeles area since Super Bowl XXVII, I decided to do a Hollywood/movie theme to make the Super Bowl seem like a grand premier event. I originally had a little more details in certain parts, specifically on the palm trees, but I felt that sometimes less is more for the eye. Let me know what you think!
  3. I don't have them all in a centralized location, at least where anyone can access them. Maybe I'll make one at some point, or just make a new thread here with all of them in it. I had no idea about the Rose Bowl design challenge. I'm totally going to give that a shot! Hopefully I'll have enough time over the next month to make something really good. I wish there were more of those kinds of opportunities, whether it be for the Super Bowl, World Series, All Star Games, Final Four, etc., especially since the whole "standarized" thing is becoming more and more common.
  4. Congratulations to the Chiefs on claiming their first Lombardi Trophy in 50 years. With the NFL's 100th season now officially behind us, we begin the league's second century with the question: "Can the Chiefs repeat?" They will have their eyes set on Tampa Florida as that is the location of Super Bowl LV next year. Here is the logo I made for the event; I was going for a "Super Bowl Yacht Club" theme. Let me know what you think. Appreciate the feedback!
  5. Bummer. I just googled it, but still a good job to whoever edited the image to put the overhead shot of the field on there.
  6. Overhead shot of the field. All in all not a bad looking field, but of course could be better, and more consistent...*cough...chiefs helmet...cough*
  7. Well the Patriots dynasty rolls on. Congrats to the Pats for winning their sixth Super Bowl; only time will tell if they can make it seven under Brady and Belichick. We shift gears now and look ahead to Super Bowl LIV in Miami next year. Below is the design I made for next year's event down in South Beach. Let me know what you guys think and I appreciate the feedback!
  8. Looks great! I just came across this picture of the Rams endzone; it looks like they're going with a darker shade of blue for the helmet.
  9. It's only a matter of time before they stop coloring in the endzones altogether and it's just the logo and wordmark (or just wordmark) with no background color.
  10. No, the last Super Bowl to paint the 20's/50's was XLI in 06/07 with the Bears. Nonetheless, I miss those days as well. Why does the NFL have to be so lazy nowadays?
  11. Well Super Bowl LII is officially history. Congrats to the Eagles on winning their first Super Bowl. It's now time to begin looking ahead to Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta next year, and as expected the NFL has churned out yet another generic template logo for the game. So without further ado, here's my concept for Super Bowl LIII next year. Let me know what you think; always appreciate the feedback!
  12. This looks awesome. Maybe someday the NFL will come to their senses. The Super Bowl to them these days is essentially the NFL corporate party, so it's only fitting that they have a corporate business-looking logo to represent it. The idea behind the trees leaning a little bit is to give a windy effect. One of my earlier designs of this logo actually had the trees standing straight up, but it just didn't look right to me; it looked weird having them stand straight up next to the roman numerals which were already leaning. I thought the trees needed a little more "character," so I had them lean with the roman numerals to give it an overall "windy" effect.
  13. I added the outline to the logo for how it would look on the field, as well as the logo with the location and date. I also put the logo on a grassy surface to give it an "on-field" effect. Then I also came up with this "alternate" wordmark logo; I used the roman numerals from my logo to make the abbreviation for Minnesota (MN). I thought the two "I's" in my logo kind of resembled an "N," so I came up with the idea of making this alternate wordmark logo representing the game. I remember Jacksonville did something kind of similar for Super Bowl XXXIX; I thought I recalled seeing a wordmark logo that used the roman numerals to say JAXXXIX. Thanks for the feedback as always and let me know what you think!
  14. Well another Super Bowl is just about behind us, which means it's time to start looking ahead to next year's big game in Minneapolis. Unfortunately the NFL is continuing with their standardized design of the Super Bowl logo, so here is my concept for Super Bowl LII. I had originally posted this in the Super Bowl Shuffle Competition on these boards last year, but I have since modified some aspects of it. I altered the roman numeral style slightly, and gave the roman numerals more definition; I also altered the river flowing into lake concept at the bottom of the logo. Let me know what you guys think, and I always appreciate the feedback!
  15. I like that they went with the helmet colors for the team boxes to contrast the endzones, but I'm disappointed again that there are no conference logos in the endzones; it looks like something you'd see in a college bowl game. Would also love to see them go back to outlining the 20 and 50 yard lines in team colors; it's been ten years now since they've last done it.
  16. I never actually posted these on here, or anywhere for that matter; I just sort of made them for myself. Mind you, I made these when I was still more inexperienced so these aren't perfect by any means, and everything is very jagged looking. One of these days though, I am going to go back and fix these up and make them good as new. Glad you're enjoying my designs; thank you! Super Bowl XLVI Super Bowl XLVII
  17. Coming up with the surrounding detail to make it as Texas-themed as possible was really the hardest part for me. “LI” is a very difficult roman numeral to work with as it isn’t as exciting or eye catching as say “XLIX” or something earlier. When it comes to the older concepts though, particularly XLI-XLIV, those weren’t really “in your face” as well when it came to concept or theme, especially XLIII which I really still don’t see the Tampa connection; I read somewhere that the theme was supposed to be land meets sea, but that still seems like kind of a stretch. Anyway, I greatly appreciate the feedback; it really means a lot coming from an experienced graphic designer. I’m already working on different concepts for LII in Minnesota; I’m just trying to keep getting better and better and improve upon each design I make.
  18. Good lord, please tell me they're not seriously going to use this?
  19. Thanks everyone for the feedback; I've added the text at the bottom to indicate location and date.
  20. Well, Super Bowl 50 is now upon us, and that means the NFL should be releasing their Super Bowl LI logo for Houston in a couple weeks. I figure I would post my design a couple weeks early since Super Bowl fever has officially started. If there is one word to describe my design, it would be “dynamic.” The logo constantly leans forward and has a sort of “moving into the future” style. The giant lone star carries the roman numerals and leads the way as the NFL moves into the future. The colors reflect the colors of the Texas state flag to give it a true Texan feeling, and the large roman numerals are a reminder of the Super Bowl’s “larger than life” mentality. Hope you all enjoy!
  21. Super Bowl XXXII was the first to paint the team boxes. I believe for that game, it was similar to the way they did it this year except there were no logos in the boxes, and the cross section lines were white. Actually my bad, I just looked at a picture and it wasn't a criss-cross pattern, it was like a triangle pattern and the logos were present.
  22. I am starting to lose all faith in the NFL. Really? Why is the Seahawk endzone the same as last year? And with regards to the Patriots endzone: what is this? college football? Who is in charge of the field design? and why do they think this is a good idea? It's probably the same goon who thinks it's a good idea to have a standardized logo every year for the Super Bowl. I mean for God's sake, at the very least, go back to outlining the 50 in red and blue and the 20s in the team colors. There are not enough words to describe my dislike for this field and the fields of the past 4-7 years.
  23. Oh my God, you hit the nail right on the head with this field. This field lives right up to the NFL's moniker as the No Fun League. You forgot to mention how they didn't even paint the sideline boxes for this game as well; once again, it was probably due to laziness. I especially hated how big the Broncos wordmark was, because it made their logo be very small, like it was just kind of squeezed in there. I wish they would have done it like Super Bowl XXXII and XXXIII where they stretched the wordmark and had white lettering with an orange outline. This field is just pitiful. Also, I appreciate the love for my Super Bowl XLIX logo; I was actually going to recommend you use it for when you do XLIX, but you sort of beat me to the punch; I'm glad you like it. I already posted my logo for L as well which has gotten some mixed reviews, but I like it, and I am already working on LI as well.
  24. This thread is awesome dude, the only thing is that your helmets for the past few SB's are a bit off. I've been making fields as well for some time, and for XXXI-XXXVII, I came across this direct overhead shot of the ravens helmet for XXXV. I blew it up a bit, and then traced over it. The lines are still a little jagged, and I didn't add the white outline around the helmet (I couldn't find the version where I did). The brim of the helmet is a little higher, the facemask is a bit longer, and the overall shape of the helmet is a little different Here are the pics...
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