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  1. The one about Dan Marino and John Elway I saw a few weeks back.
  2. This is awesome. I'm glad he's okay, and is now coaching.
  3. The Red jersey lowers this set by a mile. The White one is a nice lateral move, and the Red jersey should MATCH. Otherwise, you have a turrible team with two turrible uniforms.
  4. And the awesome 2007 logo. The one they used on those was horrible, and did look clip-artish.
  5. From tattooed freak, to child pornography, to Eastern Conference champion..... I'm still unclear as to why this guy still gets praised by the fans. HE'S THE BIRDMAN! HE CAN GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING, AND HIS TATS MAKE HIM LOOK AWESOME! (JK)
  6. I want that Pokemon jersey! It's..... It's....... beautiful.
  7. Add a grey outline to the alternate numbers, and place a little grey in the home and road. Grey is a colour Nashville should've never dropped.
  8. I like the uniform. It reminds me of the Iowa Stars. (P.S: Who's Cody, Geoff? A buddy of yours or is it a inside joke from here?)
  9. Justin23

    San Jose Sharks

    This looks fantastic. If the Sharks do something along the lines of this, I'll be really happy. I'd moves the stripes down a bit, just to see what that looks like, and keep the diagonal patch, but those are my prefrences. Keep up the good work, as I got something in the works myself.
  10. Me either. It's a better logo than a lot of NBA primaries. It's actually better than the Raptors dribbling dinosaur logo. Just change the mane to white and I'm sold. That looks awesome!
  11. How about Martin Biron? (Best picture I can find)