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  1. I'm a huge Stars fan and would love to see the boys under flood lights at an NHL Stadium Series game. Now I'm sure Jerry Jones could fork over enough money to get a game in his beloved stadium, but I've always assumed they'd be the visiting team in an outdoor affair. A game in Minnesota would be perfect for everyone, but you know the NHL. On to the concept. I've read many times that the star pattern jersey is\n't compatible with the Reebok template, but I did it anyhow. Its our most memorable look. There must be some way they could oblige. Its basically an updated version of that look. The socks look kind of funky, but other than that I think the new brand translates pretty well to the vintage look. Also I didn't know how to apply a chrome look to the logo, but if they insist on doing that it wouldn't look too bad on our logo.
  2. Sorry for the wait. There you go. Not sure if it is too much orange.
  3. Oh man, this is awesome! I knew there was a team at one time, but hadn't seen a jersey till now. Thanks for posting it. I actually thought about using the full body Pistol Pete logo, but settled on his head.
  4. Oklahoma State doesn't have a hockey team, but if they did it might look something like this. Home: Away: Alternate:
  5. I really like the updated main logo. Like someone else has said, I'd love to see a purple alternate uniform possibly saying Hornets across the chest. Also, I'm glad you decided to keep the C logo that the Bobcats used. I always liked that logo.
  6. Thanks for the tips, Redditor! Also, I tried a silver alternate uniform, and it just didn't look right to me. It ended up looking like a dirty road jersey. I didn't want to go the generic black alternate road, so I just settled on the green one. But, I can definitely see how it seems sloppy. I kind of just wanted get that look out there. In my head the idea seemed awesome, so I had to put it out there. More than anything with the green yoke, I was trying to make it look not so much like a green Devils Jersey. I had it black for the first while, but then I realized I basically remade the Devil's jerseys, so I did that to separate it. Thanks for the comment!
  7. I created these uniform concepts based on the recently leaked Dallas Stars logos. I don't have much experience in uniform design, in fact this is my first attempt at designing a hockey uniform. But when I saw the supposed new logos for my Stars, I had to give it a shot! Home Uniform: Away Uniform: Alternate Uniform: This alternate jersey works as a franchise heritage set. The jersey and socks are supposed to replicate a variation of the Minnesota North Stars uniforms, replacing the gold for silver. The pants are meant to be an homage to the 90's Stars breezers. I also updated the Stars old alternate logo to fit the scheme of the rebrand. What do you guys think of the designs?