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  1. I'd say look at the 90's Sonics logo for inspiration towards the Thunder's uniforms and logo, perhaps incorporating a buffalo or anything else OKC relevant?
  2. The court is a masterpiece (though I would've used a different secondary logo) but I prey to god that the real jerseys are nothing like those.
  3. I do think the Kings' home and road uniforms may look better with a similar trim design as the alternate around the neck. Also i'd love to see how you could change the houston rockets' brand/logo/uni's away from the current one, bringing back the classic "Dream" era look.
  4. Great to see my suggestion was take on board and your work is beautiful, glad to see you incorporated the gold more to give it a more regal look, the black never really worked in my honest opinion. As for the Sonics, it's not hugely orginal but it is what it is, a classic, timeless design which you've put a more modern spin on. Speaking of the Seattle franchise, i'd love to see if there was anything to be done in regards to the OKC Thunder that doesn't involve uffalo or actual thunder, just a suggestion. Simply amazing work, keep it up!
  5. Very slick and professional , i'd say either create a purple alt uniform with Hornets on the front or either change the away uniform to have it on the front.
  6. Before signing up I had a look round and by the far the best concept uni i've seen is your LAC revamp, i love the classic feel to it, very professional. I'd love to see what else you come up with, hopefully a revamp of the Kings logo/uni or the Raptors.