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  1. You put down 1977 next to them, unless those dates don't matter anymore?
  2. The user put specific years next to the team. Carolina has 1995 next to them. The year works out. Also, I couldn't think of anything that doesn't involve meteorology or aviation, haha. Colorado has 1977 next to it. So said franchise got to the Rapids monkier long before the current MLS team. Also, I couldn't think of anything else for them, haha.
  3. Montreal Citadelles Colorado Rapids New York Boroughs San Francisco Fog Carolina Hurricanes Vancouver Volcanoes Winnipeg Freeze (this one was difficult) Toronto Hogs
  4. For filling in the two gaps for the NE and the West, could you see teams in either Hartford, Bridgeport, Providence, Quebec City, London, or Halifax for the NE Division? And Reno, Spokane, Fresno, Portland, Boise, or SLC for the West Division?
  5. Would you be interested in starting a concept where all MLS clubs have Americanized nicknames? Then after that, maybe the USL?
  6. Back in 2004, The Washington Post posted an online poll, asking readers what they wanted the now Washington Nationals to be called: What Should Washington's New Team Be Called? Sept. 30, 2004 Here are the nicknames: * Bandits / Beltway Bandits * Bullets * Cicadas * Federals * Filibusters * Expos * Grays * Monuments * Nationals * Patriots * Senators * Snakeheads * River Rats / Dogs @SFGiants58 would you consider doing some concept work on any of those names?
  7. While they are names that I personally haven't seen people use frequently, majority of them are of birds. There are too many of those these days.
  8. Which city/metropolitian region in NC would be able to sustain a MLB team? Charlotte Raleigh Greensboro Winston-Salem I was thinking that would be a good home for a relocated Tampa Bay Rays.
  9. Awesome! There are definitely a couple that overlap but I think our two projects are very different. The goal of mine was to be true to the team's primary logos, theirs is more helmet decal based. \\ Their logos are inspired by each teams logo, but there are big jumps when it comes to the content of some of the logos. For example, their 49ers mashup features Ironman's head. My 49ers mashup stays true to the original primary logo, and just features the two letters overlapping. I have a few jumps when it comes to the content of the original logos as well, but when that happened I made sure to try and stylistically match each logo with their original (ie, line weights, use of color, using pieces of the original logos, etc). Thanks for posting this! Its neat to see what others did! Would you consider doing one for DC Comics?
  10. 'Toronto Tigers' Personally, I always found it difficult to give an accurate name for the city.
  11. Cleveland Ghosts, perhaps? It has a paranomal history, doesn't it?
  12. Any thoughts on Phillies and Raiders? As for the Dodgers, I think the name can be relevant. Since Los Angeles has built light rail lines throughout the city, and are building/planning on building more, the monkier works.