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  1. Part of me feels like Schaub has had a pretty enormous fall from grace, when the truth is that he really wasn't all that good to begin with. It's amazing what one good game as a backup can do for a guy ain't it? I mean Matt Flynn stole money on that very idea. However, like all unusual events, eventually the normal order is restored. Flynn is back in Green Bay holding Rodgers' clipboard, and Schaub will be doing the same for Carr. The best example of this
  2. i think the nfl should only have 14 teams. Sort of like the 60s.
  3. What I find more fascinating is the huge gap between each letter of 'Epps.' That's why I originally posted this on the other page... I actually liked the way his name was spaced out on the back. I remember watching a replay of 'The Drive' and I remember seeing a player for the Broncos with 3 letters and I remember how spaced out it was.Edit: After research, the player's name is Clarence Kay.
  4. For some reason I'll never comprehend that's a popular opinion around here. The most common critique is that the ball-in-glove could stand for any team whose initials happen to be MB. I mean, thank GOODNESS that can't be said about any of baseball's truly iconic logos...... The Mets and Giants shared a logo as well...but they never coexisted
  5. The wrong part about it is that it isn't a boys medium
  6. If you had to pick his "wrong" uniform, it would be his #5 jersey he wore only as a rookie
  7. My unpopular opinion is that there is nothing wrong with screaming 1970s
  8. Only time the Kelly Jets played the Midnight Eagles
  9. Wait... what? Maybe you meant to post the version of the Dolphins unis that came right before the Oilers move to Tennessee, but these uniforms were in circulation together for quite some time. This is more like it
  10. Once the kids born in 1998 start playing we'll see a lot more, I guess. Dang, I'm getting old. '98 kids are only sophomores in high school so we have some time
  11. I like the shots of football games on the diamond
  12. We all know that. It was just a joke, we didn't need to know the history of the name.Do we all know that? And how would you know it's a joke?Do you know what could help you sort through these important issues?
  13. I'm with you on the tight uniform Dan Uggla wears the 1980s cut
  14. I disagree. Over-sized logos as the centerpiece are never good. Never! Exception?
  15. Ugh. I'm not sure if this is an unpopular opinion or not, but all 3 primary colours should not be used together. It almost always looks bad.
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