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  1. You are talking about football right? If so no this couldn't workyes footballIt would look so weird having it go from big bulky pads to skin tight sleeves on players like receivers that dont have big arms, and would look bid on lineman that have too big and flabby arms. The only ones it would look kind of good on and I'm not even sure about it is rb and lbyou already see fat players wearing long sleeves under pads it would look a lot like that
  2. You are talking about football right? If so no this couldn't workyes football
  3. i would love for every team to have jerseys that had sleeves all the way to the wrists like they used to waaaay long ago. they would be tight which players seem to like and we could see real stripes again
  4. I completely forgot there was a time when NBA jerseys had shiny material. I liked it on some jerseys.
  5. Bordentown High School does something similar. Imagine those dimensions
  6. Only one remaining football field with the dirt diamond. I'll miss em
  7. Helmets with circular earholes. Whatever happened to them?
  8. I have no idea. He had to make a deal with Locke, the punter, to get it too. I dont get it I believe it was his high school number. Maybe he didn't want to take #12 in Tampa because it was Doug Williams' number? Total speculation on my part. this is him in high school
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