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  1. Quick n' dirty home uni concept. Note Cream replaces white. Design based on the great CLE teams of the 1990. Not sure about the name/number typeface on back; may go custom.
  2. 2 Cleveland scripts, not sure which C to go with (or maybe scrap both and try another?) The more complex C is based of the Cleveland Naps and the plainer one the negro league's Cleveland Buckeyes. Also worried its not quite legible?
  3. It's okay; I do my fair share of lurking here so it evens out.
  4. Agreed about the Ohio bit. Think I can make it work with a bit in the lower left? Or is it too much?
  5. Found a script wordmark I'm happy with. The I looks like an I (not as much a J or a G) and it matches most of the shapes in the block typeface.
  6. Digitized concepts of the wordmark and the letterform Same basic typeface throughout, but some with a wishbone serif and some without. I'll probably do a uniform set once I get the home script sorted out.
  7. Im glad you noticed, I tried to make them similar without being too obvious.
  8. Cleveland looking sharp! No real changes from me.
  9. Yes, I see that now. The cursive connectors (whatever they're called) aren't quite right either. I'll probably just digitize everything and see if I can fix it there.
  10. I'd put in a lower serif (tooth) to keep with the Block C, but drawing it without that lower serif, you might be right. Either way, last two sketches before I fire up the computer.
  11. Perhaps a more stylized version of Ohio in the Negative Space? Let the state be blue with the bg instead of white?
  12. Yeah I'm not 100% on how the arrowhead is viewed. and with the Ohio crest, I'm thinking maybe the Ohio Flag would fit better in that northwest corner. Hope to get it all vectorized soon.
  13. It's supposed to be Ohio (roughly). I'll have to work a bit more on that. Also tried my hand at a matching typeface.
  14. You're right the typeface is bupkiss. Maybe something based on Cleveland's "Caveman" set of the 70's. Still playing with this, sketching ideas for a shoulder patch/crest:
  15. Here's my (second) attempt to give Cleveland Baseball a better primary. In the past the team has worn a Reds-style wishbone C, an angluar "Caveman" C, A serifed Block C and Wahoo: My goal was to incorporate the team's visual history into a single mark which would nod to the team's past and push it into the future. The idea is that it could work if the team chooses to stay with "Indians" or go with something else in the future. Thoughts?
  16. I like the C without the feather, but for it to really work, the negative I would have to have the same stroke width as the C. Right now it looks unbalanced.
  17. A move away from Wahoo would suggest an eventual move away from "Indians" as well, no? I actually like the existing block C, but this could work by its own merit if the strokes were thicker, balancing the C and the negative I. Didn't something like that already pop up on the boards?
  18. BlueJackets all the way, but this is a beaut!
  19. Sorry, should have been more clear. U-Dub is the University of Washington.And now that I've googled the photo, its dissimilar enough from yours to be distinctive. Still not sold on the typeface, but I suppose you can just chalk it up to personal preference.
  20. Love the logo set, but can't help feel the updated typeface is more generic than the existing typeface. The block W, rendered in gold-ish hues, smacks strongly of U-Dub. I'd be curious to see an update which retains the varying stroke width of the W.
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