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  1. By the title, I was ready to jump into this thread and start complaning... But these are really good. Maryland is a HUGE improvement over most of their costumes.
  2. Phenomenal. And the work to get from your first concepts to the latest logos is to be applauded!
  3. This is friggin fantastic! The full body Lil' Panther is too good! Can't wait to see what you come up with next.
  4. I tried merging Wahoo w/ Cleveland lettermarks on another thread, and, in terms of the Block C, this is what I came up with: An album with my other concepts is here (http://imgur.com/a/wDOUz) if that helps.
  5. 1. Fantastic Job! 2. Yes, the spikes on the shoe are meant to spell CLE. It's supposed to be General Moses Cleaveland, founder of the city of Cleveland.
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