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  1. Thanks for doing my hometown of Little Rock. Perfection!!! Louisville is also top notch. Fantastic sets
  2. First of all I have to say is I have been absent from this thread all summer. I can not believe I have missed all this. You have been doing some magnificent work. Looking forward to the rest of the PDC!!! Glad to be back
  3. First of all I just want to say Congrats Windell. School is over so I should check this thread more often. All recent logos and uniforms look fantastic . I'll choose Santo Domingo for the next city
  4. San Juan is perfect. You might need to redo the poll because I voted for a Carribean team but not the Middle Eastern team. It says I have already voted
  5. Well, after 81 teams you have made, I have finally found one I'm not a fan of. The primary logo looks a bit funny to me. The mascot was excellent to tie in for Santiago. The color scheme and font don't look right either. I'd say to go with navy and red colors
  6. After tough thought and consideration of the options.... Take 3 wins it all
  7. Ok, The first logo is good, not great. The second logo is a downgrade from the first. So an idea would be to keep the full body of the sentrie without the circle behind it and let the wordmark be. Just an idea. Great color scheme
  8. Yellowknife: simple and clean, love it. Great job on Halifax with the Minks on the court
  9. So far best concept in May right there The next team is either San Antonio, San Diego, or Denver
  10. Charlotte really needed an update and you perfected it. The logo is a big step up the ladder. The font looks more clean now. And if your having trouble with what US team to do next, you could always chose Omaha
  11. The 2.0 version of Bangkok looks terrific. What is the reason behind the diamonds?