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  1. tvoss99

    MLB Fauxbacks

    Can I say how much I absolutely love the Rockies hat! I've felt for a long time they need something new and would buy one immediately if they actually had that hat. Great work on every team though, not just Rockies. I absolutely love the Dbacks too! I know Brewers (my team) were around in the 70's but you've done such a great job I'd love to see you whip something up for them for the heck of it if you have time. Keep up the awesome work!
  2. Being a Milwaukee resident I agree they badly need a new logo. The kid friendly skull has never appealed to me. I do prefer the black/blue color scheme they have now though. I love the angrier/more fierce looking skull you did but agree with others that something a little different needs to happen with the hat. On the right track, though!
  3. As a diehard Sun Devils fan I must say I love the jerseys & pants! I love the pitchfork helmets though so if i could get those unis with current helmets, I'd be in heaven!
  4. Not a fan of the yellow in the Angels design at all.
  5. I too love the Eskimos! I agree with the others, remove the font from the Eskimos helmet and make it just the head.
  6. Just went thru this whole thread and WOW! Awesome work!!!! I am sad that this isn't a real league, I love these teams and would buy mini helmets for most of them lol I don't have words to explain how awesome I think Carolina, Tampa Bay, Seattle are!! Chicago, Washington, Las Vegas, Memphis and San Diego are all absolutely fantastic as well!
  7. I've been saying for years this team needs a new logo BADLY. This design you made is so badass!!! You must submit this to them!! Next up you need to make a new logo for the Hagerstown Suns and Charlotte Knights!