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  1. johnny gaudreau is from a few towns over from where i grew up (and has youth camps at the rink i played at) and i want his jersey, but i refuse to get it until they change the jersey. i am tempted to get the third jersey they have, but not quite ready to commit to that either.
  2. not bad, but id prefer something along the lines of the winter classic they hosted. those jerseys and pants were a totally different direction than anything in there history, which i liked. except for the 1st edge jerseys, they basically have had 2 sets of jerseys, with the current very similar throwback to the originals.
  3. not CHL, but a ECHL question. forgive me if its not supposed to be here. anyway, the reading royals are now affiliated with the flyers and i saw on the royals site they are selling shirts that says we bleed purple and orange. is reading adding orange to there look, or is it just merely a reference to the parent club. the phantoms (AHL) historically included purple in the color scheme (though switching to electric blue for teh move to allentown). so i thin adding some orange highlights to the reading logo and uniforms would be kinda cool and could work. anyone know if this is happening?
  4. i am a phillies fan, overall i like the uniforms, i like the script based on historical phillies jerseys and logos before, but im ready for some change or at least uniform additions. I love the alternate creams for day games though, keep that. They never have had Philadelphia on the uniform, i would like to see that on the aways. I would also like an alternate red jersey with a 'P', similar to what is in the OP's avatar. liberty bell patch is a nice idea too.
  5. wonder if they told MLB they wanted blue hats so they kinda match the uniform??? otherwise it is really weird.
  6. theres a picture on there facebook page. but its basically the squirrel logo on a black hat, green brim. but it also looks like theres an all black and all green. as well as '47 brand hats in the same shades.
  7. more philadelphia phillies minor league news. the lehigh valley iron pigs are having batman inspired jersey night
  8. any word about southern miss getting and using a new logo? they still seem to use the eagle head on their sports site, but they took it off the football field and replaced it with the script logo. i know they lost to Iowa about the logo being too similar, it was shortly after that the field got changed. but havent really seen news since.
  9. Agreed. The Blue Jays have a two-tier system (a "Level of Excellence" for the team's great players; you get your number retired if you go into the HoF as a Jay). The Level of Excellence had the players' numbers on it until it was re-done last year, and rightfully so. There's no need to emphasize the number if you're just "honouring" it. Related, I wish teams who had two-tier systems would have specific requirements like the Jays. There's no reason why Nieuwendyk and MacInnis shouldn't have their numbers retired. The way the Flames do it seems so arbitrary. The Phillies and Flyers have a tiered system too. The team HOF, which honors players but doesnt include retiring their numbers. that is saved for players that enter the League HOF, which is why it took so long for mark howe's #2 to get retired, he only was recently entered into NHL HOF..
  10. i dont mind the toonces logo much when its stand alone. it gets much worse with LSU beneath it. I like the idea of a modernized tiger head similar to one on the football helmet, that always looked way to 70s to me and needs an update. FWIW, coming from a non-LA native but in graduate school at LSU.
  11. These past Winter Olympics showed me why I should want Nike as far away from the NHL as possible.I happen to think that nike did a fantastic job on the olympic jerseys! While they are not traditional or classic looking jerseys, having unique jerseys for a 2 week tournament held every 4 years trying something different is not a bad thing. I don't think if Nike were to take over the NHL they would do anything that drastic with any of the teams. so original...
  12. not sure why the sixers dont have stars above there crest like other teams. wizards is horrible and why is the timberwolves just showing the timber? i like memphis' redesign the best out of the bunch though.
  13. just like every other game. they have a winter classic section and you can be any team, but it will only be in Pitt or Philadelphia (i think just those two are in it?? havent been in that section in a while).
  14. notre dame hockey wears bright gold helmets. probably not too far behind before someone designing these things suggests a chromed colored helmet :-( http://www.hydrographicsinc.com/news/notre-dame-releases-gold-standard-hydroskin-hockey-helmets-finished-by-hgi/
  15. yes, it was a nice surprise to see when i turned the game on.