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  1. Yeah. the ideas are there, but the execution is really dodgy. There are a lot of people on these boards that could do a much better, cleaner job.
  2. Is this the first logo where absolutely nothing good can be said? :/// Hmm?
  3. Overall I like Winterslag's look. I would've personally left the ball white, as it was in the historic logo, it provides more visual contrast and interest. Or, better yet, make it two-tone, as it is in your design, but instead of being red and black, I would try white and black/red (whatever looks best). Also, I think this is the best crown so far
  4. Looking good man, keep up the great work and welcome to the boards. I could nitpick the logos but that's neither here nor there...overall I like them and I like the idea of this series. The kit is absolutely stunning, always loved a good pink kit
  5. Yeah, pretty close, if I don't end up finding it, it'll have to be the one I use.
  6. Hey, I thought you guys might be able to help me out by recognizing the brush script font that's being used in this logo, I cannot seem to find it anywhere:
  7. Hopefully I can finish mine today and send it in to you.
  8. For the "RADIO" I used Bebas Neue and modified it a bit. The "101" is custom.
  9. Hey, nice, that means the idea came through with the execution.
  10. I've played around a bit and made a concept cover for one of Radio 101's shows. I've planned on it being a standardized style for all the shows the radio has, they would differ slightly from show to show.
  11. Kickstarting this OLD thread of mine, hope it's ok with the mods. I've posted a new redesign on Dribbble (And here's the Dribbble link https://dribbble.com/shots/4662225-Radio-101) and wanted to share it with the boards. It's really a clean-up of the classic Radio 101's logo. The radio station has been around since 1984 and it was always known as the urban, different, freethinking and a no BS kind of station. They're the first radio station in Croatia to have dedicated shows that played hard rock, heavy metal, and alternative music so their logo has become a sort of symbol for the non-mainstream alternative youth. The old logo needed some work, it's a bit too grungy for my taste. Here's the old one: And here's the clean-up: