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  1. That's a great concept for Medveščak and you don't have to explain why are you going to use a checkerboard pattern I'm Croat and we are known to be great patriots. If checkerboard could be on every jersey of every team in every sport we'd do it. Can't wait to see what will you make.
  2. I'd love to see Medveščak, 'cuz I'm a big fan! I like seeing European teams getting their concepts from the good people on this forum, especially hockey and basketball. Keep it up man, I want to see it done!
  3. Ren you are amazing. I've been following this thread for a long time but I've never found a logo that I wanted to see you transform...finaly I found this: Sorry for the small sizes but i couldn't find a better sized image. Their current colors would be nice on this logo and if you find a way to put in their goldish color in it that would be great. Thanks and i wish you my deepest condolences.
  4. I'd love to see it finished and rendered out. I like the look of the mountaineer, that right eye is kinda funny looking. That's the only thing. *Follow this topic* *click*
  5. Me too! Make it with any logos. Thanks!
  6. OliverP

    Cincinnati Royals

    I like the overall look you're going for, but I think the eyes and eyebrows need a little work. That oldschool feel to the jerseys is great.
  7. I love all your work and even before I saw this thread I started following you on Behance. Can't wait to see what will you do in the future.
  8. These are NICEEE! Simple but NICEEE!
  9. I never commented on this thread, but I have been following it's progress and it is one of the best threads out there. I commend your work greatly. Big fan of The Patriots, and I couldn't wait until you finished it. It was worth the wait. Great work!
  10. Loving it! It look great to me, mostly because I waited a long time for it. Will there be a PSD version?
  11. This is a picture taken right after the 1st WW, but they always used red and white in their color scheme. I's guessing it's red but a darker shade than what they use today. Would have made the shorts too but i can't find a template that will satisfied my needs. If you have a good recommendation for a template i'd love to hear it.
  12. I decided to look back upon this project...it wasn't very popular but it's my home team so I have to get back to it. ) I made a historic alternative jersey or an anniversary jersey. When the team first established in 1905 this was their home jersey This is what I came up with
  13. Not bad, not bad at all. I think it's better than mine. Just like others have said Hugo is most likely not gonna be the center court. It's probably gonna be the main logo that will be at center court. But I was just wondering if I could see if you could make it one-tone court, I'm just curious to see what it look like, with the light tan all over the court. Ask and you shall receive!
  14. This is the best so far, though I have doubts that Hugo will be at center court. Good job with the hexagons, and good attention to detail with the solid paint (no college lanes). I do think the profile hornet will be used in this manner too. Thanks, glad you like it! I went with Hugo because he's always been in the center, so I guess I can't do it any other way...and yeah I too think he will be just the secondary logo, that will probably be used somehow in the jerseys.
  15. Ok, so this is mine court concept...can't wait for the next season to start!
  16. Thanks! After a lot of thinking and concepting here is the home jersey:
  17. Yeah the first version is more traditional, simple and more recognizable. Like the first one more.
  18. Well the Pistons did it I decided to go with one tone because the two tone courts seem to get a whole lot of hate on this forum and in general. So I will take your C&C and try to make a great final version.
  19. I can make it but I wouldn't like it posting it on this thread, because there wouldn't be enough green on it and cause I like the court having a good amount of green. The jerseys will have green on it.The sole reason I started this thread is so I can bring back green trees to the Minnesota Timberwolves. If you still want to see it with silver circles I can make it, but then you will also see that the green, again, isn't ''attached'' to the court color scheme.