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  1. What do you guys think about adding yellow to the design? Yellow is their official color as well.
  2. Here is a quick update thanks for the C&C. When I was drawing the head something was off but I couldn't put my finger on it.
  3. Hey forum, me again! Today I will be bringing you a hockey concept for a Croatian team from Zagreb, which officially became a member of the Kontinental Hockey League (the strongest hockey league in Europe). Their current logo looks washed up and when i saw it get uploaded in to the database of this page I said ''This looks really bad.'' I'll post some jerseys later, right now I am waiting for speedy to send me the templates of his 5th generation reebok jerseys. If anyone has them on their computer can you please send them to me (oliverpetrovic@hotmail.com). Thanks! This is my concept: C&C would be cool.
  4. I like it very much, especially the old school looking Braves. The templates are awesome. It could be me but it looks like the miami wordmark is of center.
  5. Those shadows on the dudley hewitt lettering looks unnecessary, and I would give more space on the top for the ''central canada junior a championship'' text, just so it doesn't look cluttered. Clean up the lines a little bit (like the line next to the hewitt). Overall it looks good, you'll have a nice finished product.
  6. They look great, thanks. I'll defiantly use it. oliverpetrovic@hotmail.com
  7. I like these little tweaks they look good. Like the font of the numbers. The only thing i'd change is that i would put an outline on the C on every hat and helmet.
  8. this is the best concept in my opinion. i don't like the funky colors on the wings of the final concept and i don't like the original Chicago flag colors. the alternate jersey in this concept is great, heck i'd buy it.
  9. A long sleeved shirt would be cool, so we can make training shirt concepts as well.
  10. Send it to me as soon as you are finished. email: oliverpetrovic@hotmail.com
  11. Oh I am defiantly interested. nice work. I'm suspecting it's a PSD file.
  12. yes a darker shade of green would look so much better.
  13. i think there is no need for the outline on the 3rd jersey number. but if there needs to be an outline i would make it that goldish color that you have on the sleeves. and also that tag looks slapped on there. i'd like to see it look more like some kind of a logo and not a picture. like the font, it looks much better when it's enlarged.
  14. I cannot believe there is a team called Croatia, and what's even cooler it's in Toronto. Proud to be Croat.
  15. I like it like that with the penn state above the keystone.
  16. The ball is so much better. I think you got yourself a finished logo. Oh and i would like to see some jersey examples.
  17. OliverP

    NYC and OKC

    good job man. New York City looks real classy, like it a lot.
  18. Still looks good. i tried it but i kinda looks weird. the leaves on the right side are weird as it is. it does look like the Netscape icon. would have never think of that.
  19. really cool. i like how you incorporated a leaf with basketball's seems. defiantly gonna check out your portfolio and see other stuff you did.
  20. Yeah i guess you're right
  21. what do you mean you cant post the picture without it being a link. also try cleaning up the lines it will look much better. like the bobcats colors
  22. OliverP

    ABA Revival

    Can you make the lines cleaner. just by doing that you will make everything look better.
  23. Thanks man i appreciate it a whole lot.
  24. Ok so i updated the logo. Incorporated a ball in to it and I cleaned up the leaves.