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  1. Thanks kodrinsky it really means a lot to get that from you, because I love your court database. Your attention to details is amazing.

    You're from Croatia? Beautiful country. Anyway, as a very young kid my TV want me to grow as a Real Madrid supporter, but I fell in love with Mirko Novosel's kids: Aza, Drazen, Andro Knego, Mihovil Nakic, Zoran Cutura, Franjo Arapovic, Danko Cvjeticanin... and I will be a Vukovi forever.

    Yes I am! Jednom Vuk, uvijek Vuk! (transl. Once a Vukovi, always a Vukovi!)

  2. This is a concept court for one of the oldest basketball organizations in Croatia. The team is called KK Zadar, they have achieved a lot, they were even the 6 time champion of Yugoslavia.

    Couldn't find any good pictures of the current court, but i found a good video:

    It's a year old video but the court is the same trust me i know.

    And here is my creation:


    Next up is KK Split and that will wrap up the Croatian teams in the ABA League. After that i will move on to the Serbian teams. Those teams are Crvena Zvezda (Red Star), Partizan and Radnicki.

  3. Ok guys here is another court. This one is for KK Cedevita Zagreb. They have changed a lot oh names through their history. There is a lot of teams in Europe that use the name of their biggest sponsor. Cedevita is a company that makes instant drinks and teas. So that's a little background of this team.

    Here is a photo of their current court:


    and here is my concept:


    Tell me what you think.

    Also next court i'll be posting is of the third Croatian team in the ABA league, KK Zadar.

  4. Thanks raysox for telling me how to post a picture.

    Here is a photo of the current court to use as reference.

    TShaw528, you are right the #s are retired (#4 Mihovil Nakic, #10 Drazen Petrovic, #11 Andro Knego).

    Thank you guys for all the compliments, next on my to do list is kk cedevita, so you can look foward to something new.


  5. Hey forum people, how's it going!? My name is Oliver Petrovic and I am a young, up and coming graphical designer. That's what I want to do in my life but I like sports just as much. So I decided to put those two together and do something with my free time. I love basketball and i'm from Croatia. I really don't like courts of Croatian basketball teams.I wanted them to look like NBA courts, which are absolutely awesome and they scream team colors and logos.

    Here's my first one. The team is called Cibona, I am certain somebody heard of them. Cibona is a birthplace of the greatest Croatian basketball player Drazen Petrovic. I am very proud to share his last name, the arena share his name as well. Please leave me some constructive criticism and i will keep making these courts for other ABA League teams. Also, if you guys want i will start making concepts for NBA teams. But my priority right now will be making courts for ABA league. Thanks for all the feedback and i hope you enjoy.