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  1. You always do such a great job with redesigning logos and this one is no exception. Real classy and sharp, I think it would look great on a kit as well. The only thing I think is not necessary is the grey shadow on the Aztex script, but maybe that's just me. Keep it up man!
  2. This looks really professional and I love jersey designs that look simple but also have that vibe of realism, you know, it looks like its actually being used by the team. Nothing flashy, really simple but also it has that special something that puts it apart from other kit designs.
  3. I love it when someone makes a serif font in a sports logo look great and so fitting. The overall look is great, can we expect more minor league logo overhauls, 'cause I'm starting to see a trend happening with you?
  4. I really, really enjoyed this thread, I know its been a while since anyone has posted anything, so I thought I might as well do that. My favorite microbrewery in Zagreb, Croatia created my favorite beer some time ago, the problem was that it was only available on tap. Well they brought some joy in my life and started packaging it. Here it is, the dark IPA beer "Crni Jack" or translated from Croatian to English, "Black Jack". You can check out more of their beers here www.pivnica-medvedgrad.hr/piva-u-bocama/?lang=en Also, there is an IPA called "Fakin IPA", the word "fakin" is a northern Croatian slang for a guy that's a wannabe badass, but in reality is just an a**hole. Anyone from the boards travelling to Zagreb, hit me up, send me an email and we'll go grab a pint. Cheers guys!
  5. You could try, if it were up to me, I wouldn't touch it.
  6. Duuuude, that badge is amazing! Wonderful job, I don't think you could done it any better, this is just perfect!
  7. I think the new logo is much more legible from a distance, and that O with a lightning would be a great icon to use also. On a flip side, that kerning looks a bit jacked up, could have been better. All in all, Its an upgrade for me.
  8. Cool stuff man, I like the away kit very much. P.S. welcome to the boards!
  9. I wasn't thinking of trying to reach the company because our people aren't really into rebranding, they just don't see it as something important or useful. But I might give it a go, I've got nothing to lose. I'll make a presentation, try to sell them the logo and a new visual identity, if it works out I'll post an update. Also, you are totally right about the summer, 40 degrees everyday is very tough to handle for everyone. Cheers!
  10. Wonderful job man! I'm not much of a hockey fan but I love seeing a great hockey jersey. I have no complaints for this one, its just an all around good job. The third one is modern as :censored:, and I love it, that's coming from a guy that just doesn't appreciate black for black sake!
  11. I know its not a flag but my hometown's (Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina) seal is something I'm really proud of: It shows the Old Bridge, city's most beautiful sight, underneath it the river Neretva is shown in a stylized fashion. Topped of with the baby blue, which I'm not sure if there is a meaning behind it, but to me it symbolizes our fantastic weather (most sunny days in Europe after Athens, if I'm not mistaken :)) The flag is ok:
  12. Thanks man, you just gave me a great logo to work on, I'll definitely do a Pipi update (love the drink :)) Right now I'm working on Lidl, that'll be up next week. Thanks for the support!
  13. I like the kits, but I don't like the number and name font. Way too stretched, in my opinion.
  14. Great sweater, unique and absolutely fantastic...I wouldn't mind seeing them become alts.
  15. After some time I'm bringing you the second redesign, this time a bus company I travel with all the time. https://dribbble.com/shots/2967271-Autoherc <--------- dribbble link, with some more info Tell me what you think?
  16. Great job on all of them! Sporting's my favorite.
  17. To be honest I am not absolutely sure its a flower, never found any info on the original logo...but it sure as heck looks like one, so yes it is a flower haha thank you very much. Thank you ZionEagle, it means a lot.
  18. A while ago I saw a project on Behance that really inspired me to maybe start a similar project. This is the link of the one I saw: https://www.behance.net/gallery/35060175/Reform-Redesigned-Logos Muskat is a wonderfully creative team of two designers from Germany and lets say I started following them ever since I first glanced at their projects. They focused on German brands and stores, making them look better, I on the other hand, will focus on the stores I see in my town of Zagreb, no matter what country a brand comes from. I just might put in a Croatian one, maybe... Sooooo, long story short, I started with Müller, a German trade company that basically sells everything from perfumes to cosmetics, from notebooks and pens to toys (lots and lots of toys). Lets say they are part one of my project. https://dribbble.com/shots/2857281-M-ller <--------dribbble link I hope you leave a like and a comment. Thank you! EDIT: The image is a GIF, so if you click it you'll see the logo on different color backgrounds.
  19. Looking very clean. I like the majority of the stuff Errea is doing right now, few misses here and there but all in all great.
  20. I personally think Southampton's home looks a bit outdated, the away is cool and I can live with the third, but the home just feels old. Maybe its the crest being in the middle combined with that collar.
  21. I think the Ravens are right on the money, the purple-flaked finish on the helmet is awesome. Only complaint would be that the Maryland flag is very hard to distinguish, purple on black isn't the greatest contrast, but I see why you used it. The Bengals alt looks great in all orange, the stripes on the shoulders are very cool. The other ones are classic, not much to say about them.
  22. Hey @kodrinsky! I'm repeatedly amazed with the level of detail and effort and research you put into your database projects, I just wanna say keep up the great work and I hope that all these little projects turn to something much bigger. P.S. I still have the Cibona jersey sig you've made for me, thank you again.
  23. The crest is looking solid, really simple and iconic, but I have a problem with the jerseys, the whole black back doesn't look good, make the back half black and half yellow and it should look much better. Overall solid work, looking forward to seeing more from you.