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  1. I like the concepts, but the lack of TV numbers just give me a feeling that its not complete. The numbers on the chest are just way too low, move them up a bit closer to the collar and it should look better.
  2. Are you doing different collars for home and away as a creative thing? Because in reality a team wouldn't have a different template for each.Yeah, why be creative, lets just slap the same template on all the concepts and then just switch colors a bit...just let the man do his thing. I love what you do McCrae, all of your concepts look like they could be used by a real professional team. Keep up the good work, I'll be lurking...
  3. Its supposed to be a O and a P in one letter. Yeah, my thoughts exactly, the second one then. I'll work on that, and yeah I am from Mostar too. Uhh boy, they should try harder and live up to the original club, HSK Zrinjski from Mostar is really good in the Bosnian Premier League, I think they are second right now. Comes a time in a man's life where he doesn't feel satisfied...with his logo. I feel like it doesn't represent me well, and I wanna get rid of that d (for design), also its kinda has a vintage vibe about it and I think that I've grown out of that trend.
  4. Hello once again forums, I'm having troubles with deciding which logo to use as a new logo, so please help. Option 1: Option 2:
  5. I like the logos, but I must say that there is no need for that gradient on every letter. Just make them all white and it should look good.
  6. Thanks guys. The main reason I didn't put and outline on the logo is because I want to focus on the yellow and red colors, knocked out the black. I'll get on doing jerseys and maybe some slight updates.
  7. Long time no see. I was watching MLB 15 The Show gameplay on Youtube and I came across the video where the guy plays with the Albuquerque Isotopes. Then I remembered that Isotopes are in the Simpsons, so I thought they should really get an update, that wordmark is just weird. Here's an updated logo and a wordmark, then later I'll post some jerseys.
  8. I like this one the most. You nailed it Mr. Crosby. Good job!
  9. It is a sock, I'll post a version later without it, and with an updated sock. How does everyone feel about the negative space sock? I like your plan of updating the sock. Negative space logos are always clever and I'd like to see it stay. But a version without one would be nice for comparison.
  10. The black one with the cream script and green stroke is my fave...great job all around.
  11. The Pelicans set is great, I love it, but I don't see the necessity for the arch on the home kit....it would look just as good without it.
  12. Ahh man, I like Besiktas. Why doesn't Adidas put any effort into them? You need to google image their kits if you think that. I know they make good kits for Besiktas usually. This year's kit is disappointing.
  13. Ahh man, I like Besiktas. Why doesn't Adidas put any effort into them?
  14. If they end up doing jerseys like this, it would make me soooo happy. It has the potential of being a classic. Great job. Also why not try adding a blue alt as well as the black, so we see how that looks.
  15. OliverP

    raysox's A-League

    Great series so far, I always expect great things from you, wasn't wrong today either. Doing the A-League is a good idea, not a whole lot of concepts for it. Also Australia has been on my mind lately, I love the whole country and I can't wait to see what you do with it's clubs.
  16. IMO, best kit manufacturer going right now. Everton, Hull City, Derby County, PSV, FC Nantes, RC Lens, etc. etc., they all look good. There's no reason simple and traditional has to be boring and Umbro keeps proving that. Agree! Umbro will do PSV a lot of good in the upcoming years.
  17. jit is too plain but the template is stunning. I hope you post more work here in the future. I have no complaints with the crest. I didn't do the kit, this is their 13/14 Nike kit i believe, i just mocked up the crest on it. Thanks for the comment.
  18. I see I gave you an idea for a new team to concept (oh how I flatter myself). Looks great, that second one is really badass, but I don't know how good would it look like on a jersey.
  19. Wow, thanks guys, I haven't been working on it much these last few days, but i'm planing to do mock-ups on couple more things and when I'm done I'll post the Behance link so you can check out the full project. Thanks again!
  20. Great stuff Mr. mcrosby. Ajax is one of those clubs that have a great identity but can really use an update, you did that marvelously. I like the helmet rendition, it looks so much better than the first version. You got your self a Dribbble stalker/follower hehe
  21. I really didn't want to have the star in it, because of the reasons marble21 pointed out. It's instantly reminds me of communism and I'm sure the team wouldn't want that. Here, have a kit mock-up:
  22. Hello, long time no see on the boards. Today I'm back with a new project I've been working on in my spare time. It's a logo for FC Bucuresti who have lost the legal battle for their historic name Steaua. The flower in the center is a Romanian national flower called Romanian Peony. Behind are the stripes in red and blue. Also added the gold because of the Romanian flag. I'd like some C/C because I want to upgrade my Behance page so I can expose myself a bit more.
  23. These logos are top notch dude. Just got my self to look at this thread for the first time and all updates you made to the Saints logo are spot on. Can't wait to see what you come up with the monogram.