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  1. Ok, so this is an idea for the helmet stripes, you can flip the colors if you want. The inspiration is the '98 away kits: But now that I added the stripes into your design I feel like they should be more of them on the jersey and that just kills your simplistic plan.
  2. Been waiting for this to pop up for a while. Great job with the jerseys, i'd try to add some sort of striping on the helmet but even if you don't it'll still look good.
  3. OliverP

    CSU Rams

    I also like the first one because it look closest to a real ram's head and it's the most badass.
  4. No 'cause I don't know what league they are in and lost all motivation to continue to fight.
  5. Hahaha yeah I hope that is the case as well. Umm, nothing really changed much, I don't have the time to deal with nonprofessionals and I just thought whatever, let them have it. I just received a Cargo Collective website which I am working on and hopefully that will help me feel that my work is safe and that I don't have to worry about someone stealing it from me, at least to some extent.
  6. Hey guys it has been a looooooooong time (it feels like I say this every time I upload something). Here is a logo for NK Travnik. Just a logo this time, a new presentation also. In the bottom left is the old logo. I have switched to flicker instead of Photobucket 'cause they have some kind of privacy and restriction rules for pictures, just so that whole deal with Zrinjski logo doesn't happen again. I know that it's not full proof but it's something. University also started for me, I'm a freshman at the faculty of graphic arts in Zagreb so I should get more inspiration to work and it'll take a bunch of my free time, so there is a good and a bad thing. I'm not gonna promise you the kits just because I don't feel like making them anymore. Sometimes they are a very boring process of using the elements and colors from the logo and making it look nice while also taking history by hand and following it.
  7. All I can do is shake my head too with this response from the club. Doesn't this amateur club realize YOU designed it not Zrinjski? I would still email Zrinjski and mention the conversation you are having with this amateur club re: proprietary rights being stolen without zero permission being asked to the original designer. Maybe if they are fully aware of the lack of due care and respect by this amateur club, Zrinjski might take notice as they are structured to them in some small way.I think in the end, maybe legal action against this amateur club would actually wake them up. If this comes out saying that they stole your designs, both crest and kit, then they would definitely talk because A) they probably can't afford it don't want the bad press C) and Zrinjski will get involved dissolving their partnership with the club. Always an option. Contacting Zrinjski is going to be my next step, 'cuz these guy from melbourne are really ignorant and unaware of the rules and steps that they need to take before using a logo that they didn't make. They skipped one step and that is talking to me.
  8. Ok so this is the response from them quote "Mate we went thru the club before we published it" and then they sent me the e-mail that they got from Zrinjski saying that they like the logo and that they will approve it. Shows how amateur they really are. I wrote back that the clubs approvement comes after my approvement. *shakes head*
  9. I've just read the whole thread and found some great advice. Just found out not to long ago that an amateur football (soccer for the yanks ) club called HNK Mostar Melbourne has ripped the heck out of my Zrinjski logo update that I've posted here and on Design Football forums. Here's my logo: http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/99521-bosnia-and-herzegovina-premier-league-redesign-516/ And this is what they've did with it, plus the jersey which is reminiscent of my 3rd kit for Zrinjski: No credit what so ever. I've e-mailed them and threatened with a lawsuit, since they are making money off of my design. I want my name somewhere of their page or in the logo's picture description, but if they don't give me my well deserved credit, then I don't have any other choice then to bring up a lawsuit. Is watermarking, or copyright sentence in the bottom of our work's picture the most we can do. *creating a Flickr account*
  10. I just wrote a message in which I have lowered my temper and anger. I was being pretty friendly if I do say so myself. I told them that all I want is some recognition, so I proposed that they link my Behance page (which I'm currently updating) and mention my name somewhere on their Facebook page saying I designed the logo and the kit in some lengths. Threatened them with a lawsuit and bad press. I don't need any money (well maybe a jersey, it doesn't look half bad). We'll have to wait and see if they reply, if not I'll be persistent in my pursuit. All this commotion made me finish NK Travnik . Here is a little peek:
  11. I'm gonna try to get in contact with the team and see what can they do to satisfy my rights as a designer of the crest. At least i'd like to get some sort of credit for my work.
  12. Maybe....I tried contacting them but non of my emails got answered. So yeah...
  13. I don't know should I feel honored or totally disrespected. This is the first logo somebody stole from me. But seriously they should've asked first. you HSK Mostar Melbourne!
  14. Uuuh this was a nice one! Gold: 15 Silver: 17 Bronze: 3
  15. You did it once again. It's amazing how some country's top level team can have such a horrible logo, and be fine with it. It's a good thing they've found you. Awesome work and I still think you're one of the best on the boards. Cheers!
  16. Gold: 10 Silver: 19 (smiled instantly when I saw the reindeer) Bronze: 3
  17. Serbia should really consider new jerseys with an other company, 'cause Peak isn't making the effort. Especially if they go into the finals.
  18. Hey thanks man! Can I guess from your name that you are Croatian? I will defiantly continue but NK Travnik is giving me head aches. Maybe I will do HNL since there is only 10 teams (right?). It might be short and sweet. you guessed right. also, there is a location under my avatar Back to the topic: - take your time, I know how tough creative process can be (I'll take quality over quantity any day). And yeah you're right. There is only 10 teams which seems like a "walk in a park" project (we all know that is not true). Updating logos for clubs like Hajduk, Dinamo or Rijeka will surely be challenging. Hajduk and Dinamo are the biggest reasons why I haven't done a HNL redesign yet. But if inspiration strikes then I'll do it!
  19. Hey thanks man! Can I guess from your name that you are Croatian? I will defiantly continue but NK Travnik is giving me head aches. Maybe I will do HNL since there is only 10 teams (right?). It might be short and sweet.
  20. ^^ I'm with you on this one man. Its a refreshing update from their current color scheme, also it helps build the teams identity and makes them stand out a bit.
  21. Great execution on all of your kits. I especially like that you are introducing clubs from Germany that a few people really know. My cousin had a chance to play for Paderborn and because of that they are my favorite. Keep it up! Also, do you mind if I take notes from your presentation it looks real clean.
  22. They look soooooo good. That template is just amazing. Tell me, do you make your templates in Illustrator and then do all the work on the jerseys there or do you do it some other way.
  23. Can you do this one it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  24. Thanks guys! I really enjoy reading compliments...who doesn't hehe. Next one is going to be really tough, but I think I can come up with something, also it's not going to have a sponsor so thats always good.