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  1. @SamuelYLam Any word on if the @Panthers will wear black pants as fans have requested for tonight on MNF?

  2. Whoops. Won't ever do it again. Not the reason he was banned, but part of his overall behavior that led to his banishment... and his next banishment... and the one after that and so on and so forth. Well, I am not even aware of who this person is that did this prior to me, so I hope you are not implying that they are me, because I am not. But either way, I have drawn up some concepts on paper that I will use on a program.
  3. The Yankees should make neon green their primary color.
  4. The reason that they went retro with the road jerseys is because back in 2007 (I think?) the Sox played a game in San Diego where both teams went 80s-retro and the Sox brain trust loved them. So they updated the 80s unis a bit and what you see today is the result of that. I'm not a huge fan of them, but they probably could have been done worse, I guess. I knew that, but I don't get why they couldn't just keep them as a throwback alt.
  5. Okay then, I'll ditch this
  6. Hi, I'll be doing something that many have done in the past, but with my spin on uniforms. Note that I am rather new to making concepts, so it will not look great, but all constructive criticism and tips for concept making are happily welcomed! I'll be starting with the AL East, and I should get some concepts out within a day or two. Thanks!
  7. They did once or twice last year, IIRC. Just once, kind of a shame since they were a fan favorite and the players got tons of orange gear because they thought they were wearing them more often. So back to the Sox :L
  8. Don't mean to sound rude, but the Ducks (besides the last alt) and Bruins look terrible. The Sabres look decent, and the 3rd is magnificent. The Bruins logo should stay the way it is, and you can work around that. Just my two cents.
  9. I have liked quite a few of your concepts, but this is not one of them. The elimination of red just leaves me completely baffled. The caps and the road alt look great, but you should really just redo the home alt to make it red. The white color also looks very out of place on that uni. Also, I suggest making the primary cap red with a navy bill, and use the red bill design you made just on the road alt. Just my two cents.
  10. I agree, I never got why they ditched the piping. I remember being so disappointed with all the changes the sox made a few years back. They rolled out the new road jerseys and both alternates and they all looked like they took a combined 5 minutes to put together. No piping of any kind on any of the jerseys from a team who has one of the best home jerseys to use as an example of how you can be classic but stylish at the same time. Scrap everything except the traditional home jersey and start over, using the home jersey as the template. Exactly, I don't get why they went retro with the roads. For the superstitious, at least continue using something similar to what they wore during their last two WS wins. Some kind of piping should at least be on all jerseys. The alts seriously need to be redone, the road alt looks pretty bland and the home alt is a total mess. Redo the alts and the road unis now Boston!!!
  11. God what a terrible uni. I was completely unaware of this Chief Wahoo monstrosity's existence.
  12. I agree, I never got why they ditched the piping.
  13. Yankees permanently wearing a cap with a white crown? ....
  14. Ah, I see. The pants look pretty good, it would be interesting to see how they look with the new unis.
  15. The red alt is okay in my opinion, but it does need a few modifications, and I plan on making a concept of an improved home alt. However, the road alt looks pretty bad in action. I wonder if the hanging sox cap is really still available for game use, as their style guide says so. I'd at least like them to break them out once this year.
  16. Ever since I was little, I was fascinated with uniforms and logos. I would always be on the lookout for new uniforms or logos, and to see if a team was wearing an alternate type of getup. I started reading this site every once in a while in 2009, became a hardcore reader in 2012, and finally signed up now. Uniforms just always fascinated me because I always loved colors and variety when I was little.
  17. Meh, I was expecting much more from today's announcement, and while some of the features are cool, they're not something I would go out and buy a new device for.
  18. Lol the photos would probably be somewhat convincing to an untrained eye, but that.....jesus
  19. I find something rather odd. Some people say that the "Hanging Sox" cap has been ditched, and others disagree. I'm not sure what to believe, because the Red Sox still have the cap as their main cap for their Home alt in their style guide, yet they haven't trotted out in these in years. But these caps are still being sold and the Sox are said to still have these caps ready for game wear. Anybody able to get me any definite answers on anything? Also, anybody else hear rumors about the Sox potentially ditching the road alt and them breaking out the BP caps a few times more? Thanks to all who reply!
  20. Maybe the home could be a cool "fauxback" kind of alt because I just can't see a team using that Old English C, no matter how great it looks, as their primary. But great job!
  21. That's a beautiful alt, but I think that no alt pants are needed. Just use the new ones that they just unveiled and it would look even better than it already does.
  22. The home is boring, it took me a second to realize any differences. The road's shoulder yoke is unique and I kind of like it, actually. But overall, this set is really boring and it disappointed me when they were unveiled.
  23. Why do you have a problem with this? Chris pays to have the images hosted, which he mentioned in a comment on the latest phantom page. Chris may have very well gotten the images elsewhere, but so what? He does the work of getting the images for you, and it isn't like he is using the images for personal gain or profit.
  24. I'm not really feeling the silver for the Lightning. And honestly, the sleeve stripes are just too wild and look a bit cartoonish, like the 90s Lightning unis. But its a start.
  25. Home looks pretty nice, I could see it being a decent pullover. However, I'm just not feeling it for the road. That shade of gold just doesn't work on these unis, it almost feels green. The script should also be modified, it doesn't seem to have any connection to the Brew Crew. However, I love what you have been doing with this thread. Keep it up!