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  1. Let's not revisit that. Anyway, the president-guy-person said the name would grow on us. Yeah. No.
  2. I've tried three, it all says that they cannot receive messages, do I need a certain post count? Edit: I'm going to post as usual to test that theory Double Edit: Turns out that it was just exclusive to the mod's I pm'ed -.-
  3. ok, so my request on the dupe account and requests topics have gotten no reply, so trying this post because I feel more people look at it. Anyone know how to get around the validation when you change your email? I'm locked out of doing anything with my other account. -TorinK29
  4. Ok, a bit ironic that I just posted in this thread but I need to declare this dupe account I suppose. I tried changing my email in my account settings and everything was going well until I was trying to validate my account. Both link's in the email give me an Error page saying "Sorry we couldn't find that" I was wondering if anyone or a mod could help me with that? I really need help I know the question is out of place in this topic but I want to keep posts on this account to a bare minimum. -TorinK29