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  1. I think you overrating how much social equity a white jersey-pants combo buys Green Bay
  2. I think a lot of you guys are overthinking this and Packers just wanted to wear all whites
  3. Are the ravens wearing the first Nike NFL template?
  4. The first Brooklyn nets court was my favorite
  5. That was done with his dad in mind
  6. Let's post another Joey Harrington era pic
  7. I always liked that ASU's accessories features the pitchfork, more teams should do that maybe using tertiary logos
  8. The captain C is slightly different this year right?
  9. I like the idea of those shoulder stripes, I just they should be thinner, but I'm a fan of Oregon State's new look
  10. The jerseys during the Mariota era were Oregon were my favorites, especially the darker greens ones, the apple green uniforms tend to have terrible color balance
  11. Not sure why Brighton & Everton's home kits aren't shown
  12. I really like the O on the shoulder for some reason
  13. i can't be the only that always hated the use of "Phila"
  14. Sixers should have at least clean up the font
  15. Oh your family members sample, UA isn't cool Their clothing & sneakers are far behind Nike & Adidas, even Puma is gaining more traction
  16. Definitely, Notre Dame does just fine in recruiting, 99.9% of recruits don't use a brand to determine where they go but UA is still not cool.
  17. UA just isn't cool among youngins, its looked at as a old white guy brand
  18. An example of why he's worth 52 billion
  19. Certain people won't understand this
  20. College football did a much better job than the nfl on their anniversary logo