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  1. Adidas is going to win the case when they eventually sue right? Its a complete ripoff of Lillard's logo.
  2. Bundesliga been with derbystar for maybe two years now
  3. Yea he was a great, there was many great players, he's a good gm, but he should be never be logo.
  4. The flaw is that logo is jerry west
  5. Nike hasn't been the same since the 2014 world cup
  6. I like the browns CR jerseys,
  7. Are the Jets doing a 60th anniversary patch, do teams even do that for 60? They did their 50th in 2009 but 50 is a celebrated number.
  8. Now we're just waiting on UW which isn't until the summer
  9. Yeah, fans are really suffering at games
  10. Can somebody swap those pants
  11. I like everything about the uniforms except for beavs
  12. Why not adapt this look full time, they don't even have to keep the helmet numbers
  13. I get scaling back some of the previous designs, but these uniforms are absolutely boring
  14. It just hit me this would have been the peferct look for the jaguars The more I think about this just an underwhelming dated lookfor the jets, this was an opportunity to do something bold & timeless instead they pooped their pants.
  15. Earthquakes black kit is so generic
  16. Lakers old yellow vs their new yellow lol
  17. Only people who don't live in NY/nj care about the jets & giants location name
  18. The helmet isn't the issue, the stripe should have been sleeve capped
  19. The best thing that could come from this is unique team gear instead of everything being standard with a color swap
  20. These with the new helmet, and the Kelly green would have be nice