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  1. Waiting's for suckers. But yeah, you're probably right. Then again, the team quickly fixed their other recent mistakes after massive fan backlash (Lance Blanks, Lindsey Hunter and very soon Michael Beasley).
  2. Maybe this pic should be added to the Padres new uniform thread too then. Great photo problem is that we don't know the full story. When he finally stood up did he simply walk away or continue the beating? How the hell can this ever get old???
  3. Feel free to block me if it'd make you feel any better. This is the proper thread to post these kinds of articles and then discuss them. I posted it and discussed it.
  4. Here's a new article about the Suns new uniforms and the design process (or lack thereof). Interesting that they try to pin the blame for the lack of purple on Bryan Colangelo. Nice one, Sarver, but the fans know the truth. It's okay to focus on orange, but no one said that required dropping purple!
  5. He might have not known he was dead, i didnt know who it wasI still don't know who it is and whether or not they're dead. I think the OP just tried to find an image that showcased that particular style of jersey, not even noticing the ghost player.
  6. But they would have looked a lot better if they'd included a little bit of purple in the overall design of both the home and sleeved alternate uniform, right?
  7. I was just reading the article ( and thread about the Padres possibly getting new uniforms and reverting back to their original and traditional look. That tells me there's still hope that one day, when Sarver finally sells the Suns because he's messed them up so bad and isn't making any money because of his mistakes.... a new owner might come in and bring back our beloved purple and orange. Hey, a guy can dream, right?
  8. Thank you. And ironically I'm the same idiot pondering why the AZ Cardinals never changed their name. Didn't think in simplest terms: IT'S THEIR HISTORY, DUMMY! Suns are the oldest franchise in Phoenix. Since their inception their whole identity has been "the Purple Gang from Phoenix". When they moved to what was American West Arena, now US Airways, it became "the Purple Palace". I keep looking at these home jerseys with orange and black and can't help but feel slapped in the face. I know a lot of people simply don't like the design on the jerseys for one reason or another. I can't disagree on many points, but sadly I feel the new designs on the logos and jerseys are here to stay for a while. Changing a logo or jerseys design isn't a simple process and I'd imagine it would take a few years before they'd even consider it. What is more likely, however, is changing, adding or replacing colors, and in this instance: purple. Many fans agree that decreasing the usage of purple is both sad and unnecessary. If you agree and would like to see more purple in the jerseys, home court and primary logos, I've started a petition to hopefully get that point across to management. If anyone is interested, you can sign it here: I must have missed this the other day. Just signed it, hopefully it gets a lot of signatures and maybe, just maybe, the team will see this is an important issue to true fans.
  9. It doesn't fit the current scheme, but fits what it should have been.
  10. After the Lakers, the Suns have been purple longer than any other team. The Kings always had their powder to royal blue going on until, what, the late 90's? Suns have been purple since '68. But people always associate purple with royalty, etc. And who are these people you speak of? Historians. Yeah, but what do they know?
  11. After the Lakers, the Suns have been purple longer than any other team. The Kings always had their powder to royal blue going on until, what, the late 90's? Suns have been purple since '68. But people always associate purple with royalty, etc. And who are these people you speak of?
  12. Definitely looks better in this lighting. Now the burst lines and the wordmark's lines combined remind me of a sunset. Yeah...does anyone else think these actually look great in this lighting? Except the black numbers. I like that they actually have a wordmark that is big enough to read from the nosebleeds. So tired of tiny wordmarks (New Orleans). These are an absolute disaster...all of the speculative concepts are infinitely superior on every single level. The suns have completely ruined their identity now having 3 divergent motifs: phoenix, sun streak, and the new S/sun outline logo. What a failure. I don't disagree, but I still contend that with more purple in the logos and uniforms, their identity would be more distinct. Black and orange is boring and bland, at least when it comes to a team that already had a great and unique color scheme to begin (I think it looks fine on the Giants, Orioles, Bengals, etc). The new logos and even jersey design are okay, but they need purple to help set them apart and more accurately be recognized as the Phoenix Suns. Just my opinion.
  13. They mention the Suns, you're just not looking hard enough... It's in Bold blue, to the right of where it says "Best". Oh, man... I'm going to need a lotta ice for that burn.
  14. I liked the few posted a couple pages back that merely replaced black with purple. Did you think those looked worse? They were basically the same design, but with the addition of purple. Certainly using Suns colors versus that of the SF Giants could not be worse!
  15. Wings? Surely you're not referring to the 'speed lines'.