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  1. Actually, as of a couple of months ago, the Browns ARE still considering a change to white helmets as apart of the new unis. Well have to wait as see.
  2. For a complete, fresh, bold, approach for the Bengals, I believe it has to start with a completely new helmet logo. Drop the tiger stripes....perhaps a logo of the upper torso of a forward facing, thrusting, leaping tiger with front leg extended and sharp claws. Not the full bodied tiger. (think Jacksonville's prototype logo which was never used). Also think Nashville Preaditors logo. Ears of tiger laid back. Back of logo fades around back of helmet. Glaring eyes. Orange and white logo on a black helmet. Tiger stripes only on logo itself. Just a few idea thoughts.
  3. 1976 Seattle Seahawks. Nice colors of royal blue, kelly green, and silver. And the cool wrap around logo that had the 2 inch gap in the back of the helmet. Logo separation.
  4. So now that we've seen the uniforms, which leak information source was more correct and trusting ?
  5. Would have used a medium grey as third color instead of black.
  6. Also, wouldn't be surprised if the helmet is a chrome green or a gradient (fade from one color to another) black to green. As featured in a earlier Jets color background graphic promoting the new uniforms are coming in 2019.
  7. Here's my take. Those cheerleader uniforms are promoting the upcoming 2019 season. I believe we can safely say that this is the new color scheme in the new Jets uniforms. The colors are new shade of base,lighter, richer, green, a lime green secondary color and black. New logo appears to be the bold, lime green NY, which probably be the helmet logo. And seem there is a absent of white in the scheme. The only mystery now is how the colors are incorporated into the uniform itself. I'm sure there will be a photo leak over the new few days from a warehouse or backroom of a store of the jerseys before Thursday. Just hope there is a white set of pants in the uniform combos.
  8. Why do they keep the "FC" meaning football club ? Logo reminds me of the grocery chain store Food Lion. They must be the Cincinnati Food Lions
  9. I stand corrected, I don't remember the Patriots being the home team and deciding to wear their white road jerseys last year.
  10. IF the Rams make it to the Super Bowl this year, they most likely will have to wear their white uniforms with the white horns on the helmet. The AFC team will be the designated home team in the Super Bowl this Feb and will have their choice of jersey color. Philadelphia was the home team last year (NFC)
  11. Actually, Seattle's grey is "lighter" than those shades of grey used other NFL teams.
  12. Actually, Seattles grey is "lighter" than those shades of grey used other NFL teams.
  13. Hey Browns organization, notice how white numbers "pop off" brown jerseys. Not orange. Much easier to read from a distance, which isn't that the purpose of numbers on jerseys in the first place, to be able to identify players easier ??????
  14. So whats wrong with plain ? All uniforms don't have to have busy stripes, two-tone jerseys or helmets, wild piping etc. Just give me plain pants, jersey and slap a number on it and lets go. Stop trying to be so different. Less is more.
  15. The shade of silver they are using is too light. The navy helmets are terrible, the proposed silver helmet concept with the battered texture effect would have been cool and unique.
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