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  1. Love the bears, though I'm not sure I like how "cartoony" the dragon looks. Regardless, awesome work Matt!
  2. I love your approach with the eagle, it's refreshing not to see another Philly ripoff for once. The shading is a bit wonky though, I think if you took out the light grey it would look perfect, almost like the one used for the blue crew logo. Overall, this is a fantastic upgrade, great work!
  3. It definitely works a lot better with the aquamarine rays. Awesome concept!
  4. Group F Nigeria Bosnia-Herzegovina Argentina IranGroup G USA Portugal Ghana GermanyGroup H This is probably the "group of death" so far for me. Amazing concepts all around! Russia - Beautiful crest, not a huge fan of the kits to be honest. Belgium - Solid all around South Korea AlgeriaGroup C Greece Japan Colombia Ivory CoastGreat work to all of you! I always look forward to seeing these contests on the forum, they bring out some serious talent!
  5. Group A Cameroon Mexico Brazil CroatiaGroup B Netherlands Chile Spain AustraliaGroup D England Costa Rica Uruguay ItalyGroup E Honduras Switzerland France Ecuador
  6. It's a logo competition over at Icethetics for the new expansion team
  7. Awesome work! Those colors work really well together.
  8. 1. BrandMooreArt / Paradise Bowl 2. Derschwigg / Lone Star Bowl 3. TheOneandOnlyMau / Pineapple Bowl - I think there's a bit too much detail for its own good, but I really like the overall design of this one.
  9. Nice! Not a huge fan of the alternate, but the home and away are money!
  10. This is amazing! I love the league logo
  11. That's looking soooo much better! Still a bit unsure about the eye though....