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  1. Has anybody seen the patriots shop on They show an option for a red alternate jersey
  2. I like the new twins “TC” but the C night looks a bit better with the regular C they use now but that T is awesome! Great work
  3. Pats are great. I'm hoping they adopt those full-time with a white helmet and pants
  4. i have the same sentiment here lol. I dont hate them but i dont like them all that much either. just another case of nike going too far. they cant find that medium at all between going basic and plain and going too dang far
  5. Block lettering is just boring though if you ask me. I’m not asking for What they did last time by any means necessary. Not by a long shot. But even just a small change to distinguish their font from other block fonts in the league would have been nice.
  6. The Sox and yanks have timeless uniforms. The NFL has 5 teams at most with timeless uniforms like the packers, 49er’s, Old browns uni’s, and teams like that but the bucs aren’t one of those teams in my opinion. Should they have gone off the rails? Absolutely not lol. Less is more in my opinion. I just wish they had gone with a nice font that worked.
  7. Yeah man. The redesign is a definite upgrade. That’s for sure but it’s just bland to me and they don’t echo any kind of uniqueness to them at all. It’s a solid 6/10 for me.
  8. Maybe I’m a bit harsh right now and I know it ain’t a popular opinion. At. All. But it’s just how I feel. They did a good job with the colors and tweaks to the helmet but the block lettering is just boring to me. I don’t want the digital clock font but something at least to give them some character would have been nice.
  9. It’s weird that the font is using an anthracite color. Maybe it’s the lighting. And I’m pretty sure the gradient ones have to be the color rush so maybe see them once or twice a year is fine with me. Don’t like them much but at least the font gives the Falcons some character.
  10. I’m sorry and I’m sure I’ll get heat for this but this redesign is complete garbage. These teams just went too far with their last redesigns but to be honest at least they could have just kept the font and got rid of those gross outlines and the breaking in the font to be more clean and then kept everything with the redesign. I get what they did and I know they played it really safe here but come on man. It would have made them look a bit unique. These are plain and boring and have ZERO character to them. Don’t crucify me over my opinion. Just stating it.
  11. Thanks. I appreciate your comment. Btw I haven't been on in awhile due to some personal stuff going on so for those of you that have messages me for my template I will try later today to provide them to you.
  12. ok everyone. my NFC East is finished and retouched hope everyone enjoyed my series. Again, my template is completely available to use for everyone who wants it. just message me and i will be happy to give anyone who asks the template. i have the following formats available to be used .PSD .AI JPEG MS Paint Thanks again for taking a gander at my concept series for the NFL. im slowly but surely gaining the confidence to post more stuff. as my skills get better i hope to be able to post more things in the future.
  13. making some changes to the NFC South
  14. Oh trust me I don't think I would actually make the bucs with black it was more of an experiment haha. The pewter is the actual concept for them IMO. The Falcons will have an update here soon. I feel like I under performed with them. As far as the panthers go for me though I'm happy with them
  15. and lastly might be highly controversial which is why ill be posting two different versions. when the Bucs unveiled their new uniforms i couldnt help but wonder what if they replaced the pewter with black. however saner thoughts persisted me to make a pewter and black without further time passing my final concept will be the Buccaneers. with the pewter concepts i cheated a bit and changed the helmet for the alternate. lol.
  16. next is the Saints. Hope you all like the minor tweaks i made.
  17. Next up are the Panthers. I love the color scheme the Panthers use. with that being said, their "updated logo" was a little step backwards for me so i used the same template but made a few adjustments as you can see. the hope was to make the panther appear a bit more aggressive. The claw marks across the shoulders are a bit generic but i think they fit really well with the Panthers.
  18. ok guys im finished with the NFC South so im gunna start with the Falcons. i am one of the many that think that the Falcons need an update. hope you all like my NFL series because it will draw to a close after i upload the NFC South. I had alot of fun with this series and im gunna start up an MLB series soon. C&C always welcome btw
  19. about to upload the NFC South. stay tuned everyone
  20. Truth be told it was because I didn't want mess with a helmet that virtually hasn't changed since the niners came into existence.
  21. are you speaking about the Packers?
  22. so theres the NFC North. C&C is always accepted. hope you all like and enjoy i tried it with it down the middle and trust me when i say it doesnt look good at all. it looks like there is 3 numbers haha
  23. and lastly im going to post the Vikings. i really like their current set the have but the font with only one number having the curve tail-like cornering really bothers me. so i made sure that both numbers will have it. i also added a third stripe to the shoulders and i can honestly say i really like the changes i made. also the logo was changed and so was the helmet horns were changed a bit. anyways i hope you all like the Vikings