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  1. What is this? They don't list it as a fashion on fanatics, it's listed as the Red Sox city connect?
  2. It would be 'The Bronx', never just Bronx. The 'the' is very important.
  3. My wife speaks Spanish, and she says all I see in that logo is "Mami"
  4. I think with a couple of reeeally small changes this could be really awesome.
  5. The Dbacks all purple home cap had an A that was jade green not really turquoise like original black road cap. Jade green and sedona red could be cool with copper and black.
  6. The Dbacks could just switch to Diamond Era caps and pretty much have the same pattern on the hat.
  7. What stinks about that new Padre logo is that it eliminates the hidden "P" in the logo.
  8. Forget yellow accents. I wish the Padres would go full "Bad News bears" yellow. Why won't a pro team do that. own yellow.
  9. Why would we assume that As for uniforms, it's something we've never seen before means something never seen before in baseball ever? Maybe he means something new that we've never seen from an old DBacks set?
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