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  1. are you rebooting the professional dodgeball coalition

  2. Still amazed by all the hard work you put into that dodgeball league you did four years ago. I wonder, if you had done 4 more African teams, where would you have placed them? Nairobi? Lagos? Casablanca? Algiers?  I showed it to a friend and he was impressed also 

  3. The Orlando Apollos are up! The default champs(per Spurrier) have a few changes to their set. The blue jersey now has the white shoulders to match the all white's look. I have changed up the front of the shoulders to mimic the dynamic curves in the logo and added a few stars on each side the add to the space theme. Up next:
  4. Here is an update on the showboats. I agree the numbers didn't work, I was on the fence but didnt want to have both first teams have block numbers. Poor judgement. I can see the complaint about monochrome red. Its very "color rush" I kinda like it still and more so I fear they would end up looking too similar to San Antonio eventually. A team with a name like "showboats" should have a a flashy feel IMO. Thanks for the feed back!
  5. Hi friends! I was really disappointed when the AAF folded. I felt they had some great logos and visuals and I really like the idea of spring football. I really think it would have worked great and eventually improved the NFL by developing talent. This got me thinking what if the NFL were to fund the whole project. Make it a development league for the NFL. It really got my mind turning with some idea of how this could work. I'll lay out my thoughts then get too the concepts: In this league there will be 16 teams. This is double what there was before but with the potential of crossover with NFL players support, this amount could be realistic from a personnel stand. The 8 original teams will all be returning and there will be 8 new teams. The new teams will be derived from other previously defunct leagues (USFL, FXFL, UFL, WFL) these identities may be tweaked or relocated. In my mind I see Roger Goodell buying the rights to anyone who ever challenged the NFL in a power move ala Vince Mcmahon buying WCW and ECW. Each of the teams will have two parent clubs from the NFL, one from the AFC and one from the NFC. The teams will consist of 60 players broken down in the following manner: each NFL team supplies 25 players -- 10 offensive, 10 defensive, and 5 flex players that may include special teamers or anyone else. The remaining 10 players will be signed as free agents by the AAF club independentl . The free agents may only sign 1 year contracts. The pro players must meet the following criteria: they are either still within their rookie contract OR have played in less than 20% of snaps in the previous season. This league would play a 10 game season, with a two week 4 team playoff. The season would begin in May after the NFL draft and conclude in August. This means the season will be completely independent from the NFL season avoiding any conflicts. The league is divided into two conference and here are the identities known thus far: As you can see the original AAF teams are slotted, and there are two teams that will be revealed in this first post. I wanted to make sure to do one recent team and one that is being brought back. The first team is one of my favorites from the AAF, the San Diego Fleet. Honestly I really didn't change a whole lot. As you can see on both the jersey and helmet each player will have a patch/decal to represent which parent club they represent. Free agent players will not have these. The Fleet will continue to play at the SDCCU Stadium. The next club moved north on the Mississippi. When I started this project I really wanted to recreated the Memphis Showboats from the USFL and honestly almost didn't just be because Memphis already had a team. I gave thought to moving the Express but decided it would be best to leave the original teams where they were. St. Louis was somewhere that I thought deserve a club after the Rams left and with a showboat history there it seemed like a good fit. They will play their home game at The Dome at Americas Center. I really hope this is a fun series for you all to look through, I have all of the teams done and organized, I just need to do their uniforms. I will alternate between "current" teams and rebooted teams. I wanna throw credit where it belongs here. First the Uniforms and helmets- the Nike hypercool Football template I'm using came from the board here, it was posted by user MattWilcox and he gives credit to a couple other guys as well. I may tweak a line here and there and add to it but those guys made it. Theres a link to that thread embeded to this post. Of course I dont own most of these logos. None of the NFL ones, none of the original AAF ones either. The reboots teams will be a combination of the original concepts and new elements. Some will be recolored, tweaked, fully redesigned. I will try to give credit on a post by post basis but if you have questions feel free to ask. ENJOY (up next: Zeus+Leto= )
  6. Hey Windell.  Love the Dodgeball league you did.  Do you still have the Columbus Union concepts?  I wanted to use that for NBA 2K18 for an expansion team.

  7. Hi guys. Been a while since I've been on here but Im needing some of that wonderful feedback this board is so awesomely known for. Anyone who has seen my work on here had probably seen my personal "windell works" brand. I use it as the face of the freelance work I do locally. I wanted to modernize it a bit and clean it up. Here is the old logo and the new look as well. Which is better? More current? Clean? What could I do better? OLD: NEW:
  8. I think this method will work much better for me. Here are the last few days: PDC 9/2 COL 4 - NJ 0 OTT 3 - PIT 4 MAI 4 - TAM 1 9/3 LA 1 - BOS 4 SEA 3 - ATL 4 MIA 0 - FRG 4 COL 4 - ARI 4 CHI 3 - POR 4 (ELIM) DAL 1 - DEN 4 9/4 LA 2 - NO 4 SEA 1 - OKL 4 PIT 3 - TOP 4 TAM 0 - TC 4 LV 4 - IND 1 (ELIM) CAL 2 - NAS 4 9/5 SJ 4 -NY 3 SF 4- NJ 0 HOU 3 - BOS 4 (ELIM) 9/6 MIL 4 - ATL 2 SJ 1 - FRG 4 SF 1 - ARI 4 PDRL 9-2 OMA 2 - ORL 4 (ELIM) LOU 4 - DET 2 ALQ 4 - NH 3 9-5 ALA 4 - VAN 2 UTH 4 - MON 0 IOW 1 - OMA 4 9/6 DET 1 - VAN 4 MON 0 - NH 4 (ELIM) SAC 0 - UTH 4 And here are the updated standings: I will be trying to do updates every 3 days approximately. But I do leave Thursday and won't be back in town til Monday. So there may still be a long stretch or two every now and then.
  9. So I need some advice... Im not really enjoying doing this as much as I thought. This surprises me because Ive always enjoyed simulating sports on video games and seeing how things play out. I feel like I do enjoy seeing how the standings change. I really think its the results sheets. Its so darn time consuming. I want to see how this plays out but I found my self frustrated with the workload it takes to produce. Would you be alright if I just typed up the results every few days or so and then posted the updated standings page? Sorry.
  10. I feel like both logos so far a a great leap forward. However, the old patriot hat was a real strong point of the old look and the new one is a bit confusing with no highlights or low lights to see where its "3D" shape is. It would be possible to stay with the new shape but it could use a bit of work. I would go with the old hat on the new look myself. The red on the hat would balance out the red on the bottom of the logo. Great work!
  11. I guess with strict schedule I had for the team releases and the way the season got started it would have been safe to assume that Id be able to post everyday. (Truthfully I would like to) But with school that just not plausible all the time so you may see a gap between my posts like this. I will catch ya up as soon as I can. Heres the last 3 days: And the updated standings (Drillers fixed) Sorry for the delay and I apologize in advance for the rest of the season because it will have again Im sure.
  12. The first Sunday matinee' New York has a team worth rooting for as they sweep the Reign. Nashville and Calgary also win 4-2 Tomorrow the PDRL is back and the PDC keep on rolling.
  13. Ill fix that right away.But it may not show for a few days on the standings sheets (already done) And for tonight the Sprint Off for the PDC. Two big city matches from opposite ends of the states. and it kind of flopped. Chicago came out and really shut down Miami in south beach and Seattle ran through NJ with basically a perfect game. Not very competitive of a debut but these things happen. Opening weekend continues tomorrow.
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