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  1. are you rebooting the professional dodgeball coalition

  2. Still amazed by all the hard work you put into that dodgeball league you did four years ago. I wonder, if you had done 4 more African teams, where would you have placed them? Nairobi? Lagos? Casablanca? Algiers?  I showed it to a friend and he was impressed also 

  3. Hey Windell.  Love the Dodgeball league you did.  Do you still have the Columbus Union concepts?  I wanted to use that for NBA 2K18 for an expansion team.

  4. Genie time! I will answer the first three questions about the new PDC to the first three people who see this! I will answer honestly, but you may have to think outside of the box to understand. Better pick good questions because only 3 until the nineteenth!

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    2. darkpiranha


      Man.. you could be the first league to truly integrate men and women's teams.  Nothing's saying that women couldn't compete on an equal stage with men, at the pro level that is.  

    3. Windell918


      Just thought I would throw out that ALL the art work is now done and ready to roll. Just getting the informatics worked out now. Two weeks

    4. darkpiranha