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  1. i really like your Warriors concept. Nice blend of eras, there. I like the idea of the Clippers concept and the elements you used, but I think put together, it's a bit too busy. I look at the ship and the ball logo and there's just lines everywhere. The ship by itself looks clean, and I understand the reason why you put the ball behind it for the primary. I think it could use a little tweaking and could really get there.
  2. These two, I am ALL about. And for the record, I love the new Navy alternates, even with the white helmet. The navy bolt is a nice nod to the very first helmet design). But yeah, if the NFL ever allows for a second helmet color, either of these two would be super slick.
  3. Yeah, I've been enjoying this thread and his designs, but having been a moderator in another forum before, antagonizing and cursing out mods are crossing the line, no matter how popular you are. That said, I hope you are flexing your creative muscle during your time-out. Looking forward to more of your concepts!
  4. I'm in full agreement that the logo in itself isn't bad but the execution is a complete fail. Your tweaks made the logo so much better. The horn looks 100x better, and the outlining of the L in LA makes it pop better as well. And yes, the ram head looks better like that, too. That shading is so much better than the segment and gradient on both the logo and the head. Nice job! LA Rams organization, take notice of this!
  5. That looks really nice! Great work! I really like how you incorporated the bolt in the horse. I'm curious as to how the bolt in your design would look if it had the powder blue outline like the official one does. Not saying as a suggestion, just as a curiosity.
  6. speaking of minimalist design being awesome: Konami's box art in it's NES games were pretty boss. Speaking of buff dudes in loincloths, the box art for Wizards and Warriors and it's sequel were bad ass, but it was funny that the character you played was a dude fully decked out in armor. That looks nothing like Fabio!
  7. I actually would love the Otters. I get why not Seals, since there was the California team in the 70s. Orcas, I'd love, but Vancouver has an orca in their logo, already. And then of course every other person would then complain "Orcas doesn't sound as intimidating as Killer Whales!"
  8. I actually never played this game, but it's the first thing I think of when "bad game box art" comes to mind. Mega Man 2's might have been bad, but Mega Man 1's is atrocious. although I gotta say I love that they went back to the atrociousness when they made Mega Man 9 and 10's box art I always hated that Japan got this: and us kids in the US got this:
  9. In addition to giving homage to Prince with the two-toned purple, there's a connection to the Vikings with the gold (and Prince, too, since gold was a color he wore a lot). These have been fantastic! My favorites so far are the Angels, the teal and pink Marlins and the peaches and cream Braves. Can't wait to see more!
  10. WHAT THE WHAT?!?!? That's amaze-balls, Sparky! NHL Seattle, HIRE THIS MAN, NOW!
  11. I want to mention one thing about this Kraken comes from Scandinavia so it doesn't mean anything to Seattle business. There's a strong Scandinavian community and history in Seattle, with immigrants that came during the 19th and early 20th century. Here is the Seattle tourist website that showcases this, and points out the museums and festivals that they have.
  12. These are wicked good. The whole set so far. There’s not a bad one in the bunch. As a Lakers fan, I love the ridiculousness of that concept. My favorites so far are Toronto, Orlando, Indiana, Denver, and Sacramento, for some truly original ideas but staying within the brand in a strong way. I also love your take on the Suns with those colors (I agree with the comment about the mountains needing to be sharper), and I love the Hawks one, but think you should go back to the ridiculous Volt coloring. The blue and green one actually is way more aesthetically pleasing, and actually complements the piping better, but as the other commenter says, the volt one is just SO NBA 2020 that even though it doesn’t look as good, it’s actually more perfect, lol. oh, the Clippers one is great, and works in all of those colors (lol, the black one’s font) but for whatever reason, I think the nautical flags would work better either on just one side of the shorts, or a wider stripe. And, I love love love the Golden State idea. I’m wondering though if you matched the colors even more to the flag how that would look? Like with the text in black, and the number in a two tone brown like the bear. (The green grass patch would be fun but I know that won’t work). Too bad the Nike logo has to be where it is, since the red star there would be fun, but I guess the Swoosh is the star for the purpose of this design.
  13. Great concept, and you’re 90% there, IMO. I love the WA in the feathers. Subtle, but once you see it you can’t unsee it, and that’s a good thing. A few tweaks like the suggestions above (particularly white in the hair for depth, and maybe the length of the feathers) could make it quite perfect!
  14. Well hot dang, I love your new direction for the Evergeens concept. That just shot it up to my top tier of your concepts. I love love love the S logo, especially with your explanation of the old school felt stitching and such - I do agree at times it looks like a 5, but with the hockey sticks on your apparel graphic, there’s no mistaking it. The script logo is great, too. I wasn’t a huge fan of the two tones of green concept before, but it’s grown on me and I’m liking it way more now. It’s weird - it think a touch of yellow or yellow/maroon would make it visually even better (and a nod to the Sonics and Storm) but just having the two greens and white definitely gives it a more unique identity. (btw, I think the Stars should make their new stadium series logo their permanent logo, but that’s just me) Love that you incorporated your fantastic sea lion logo in to your Pilots concept. And the new S logo is really nice on that too. I also like the redesign on the logos for the Kraken (and that line that emphasizes the long A is a nice touch. Now I can’t say “Crack-en” anymore, lol). I do miss the taking out of the red elements though, but it’s all good. BTW, Fremont Brewing’s Sky Kraken is a delicious beer. It’s in regular rotation in my refrigerator. Great work as always, Sparky!