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  1. These are awesome. Obligatory request for a Seattle Supersonics kit.
  2. This is pretty great. Shorts are an improvement because its consistent with the brand. Can't wait to see more.
  3. After the Lakers, the Suns have been purple longer than any other team. The Kings always had their powder to royal blue going on until, what, the late 90's? Suns have been purple since '68. But people always associate purple with royalty, etc. And? I get really annoyed when people say things like this. A lot of teams use Red and Blue, but should they get rid of their color, too? Arizona sunsets are purple and orange, so how does that make any less sense than the Lakers using purple? Suns have spent 45 years with purple and orange. So, the idea of dropping either color really doesn't sit well with Phoenix fans.
  4. I really only don't care for the shorts. I think the winged/feathered logo on the sunburst just doesn't work for me or I don't understand it. Other than that if you look at good quality photos of the jerseys themselves, the colors look really standout and the wordmark gradient is a cool effect. I think time will be kinder to these jerseys. I still don't understand why they couldn't have updated that Sunburst patch logo. It's so simple and effective. I made a mockup of an easy modernization. I might make a separate thread on it, but this just seems so easy.
  5. It's crap because we wanted a full sunburst and they went with a negative space sun? Okay. It IS a sign of the times because we're not getting 90s era graphic jerseys in this decade.
  6. I don't think they're terrible. In all honesty it's probably a disappointment because we all wanted the old streaking Sun but realistically that was probably never going to happen. No one does full on graphics on the front of their jerseys. It's a happy medium. I think expectations might sour a more than acceptable jersey set.
  7. Anyone else notice we didn't get a teaser photo yesterday, breaking their "three-day pattern?" Is it because we got the Gorilla photo? Or are they slowing down the reveals since we know the date now? I know they said they'd be hitting up the Vine account and Youtube.
  8. I'd bet its there. The wordmarks take up the same area of the jersey so the burst wouldn't be anymore difficult to incorporate.
  9. Is this a Suns Uniform thread or an Anchorman/SD discussion? Kinda gone way off track here.
  10. This Minnesota rev30 jersey clearly shows the dot size and pattern. This was what I based everything on. This image shows the dot patterns as they appear by the numbers. Notice that they dont seem to make sense with the front of the jersey anywhere, as the larger dots and smaller dots both step away from eachother. This doesn't occur on the fronts of the jerseys at all. But it does occur on the back. (right under the S in James) These last 2 images just give you a sense of the scale. The sun rays or bursts, to the front of the Wolves jersey, and the bursts to the Suns teased numbers. Hope I made some sense here. Tried to keep it pretty simple. I might be wrong, but I don't think I am. I think this just frees up the front options a little more. It seems possible now to have numbers in a sunburst, or even just a full ball and sunburst. Thanks. This is masterful sleuthing, Batman--er, eRay.
  11. ^ I think it's a possibility, but it wouldn't really make sense, especially considering how they've emphasized that the "Streaking Sun" is synonymous with the franchise and yada yada yada. Streaks for the sake of streaks would seem kinda pointless.
  12. From the Suns Pinterest. They are really using EVERY social media platform out there.
  13. Streaking Sun confirmed, basically.