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  1. Yes. The Pens ought to go back to them for their third jersey.
  2. I don't know that majestic even has a design service to offer the league, as opposed to Nike who seems to get first dibs on designing new stuff. Obviously they do have designers to a,e their gear, but I've yet to read about a redesign where the team hired Majestic designers. They seem very content with what they do, and while it's debatable whether they do it well (lots of QA issues and general inconsistencies). You have to admire a company that doesn't want to just sink it's claws in to every aspect of the sport / industry in a quest to grow market share. Certainly. I'm right there with you here. I agree with others on the "piping", though. Majestic has gone slightly crazy with it. There could've been instances where they laid off on it and some uniforms would've looked fine, IMO.
  3. Honestly, I think reebok's lying when they said "Oh no, we can't do that, because it wouldn't fit on Edge template". C'mon they created more craziest and complicated design since the introduction of Edge than the old Pens, so they can make that. Don't forget that they're reproducting old Coyotes, old Ducks normally that designs shouldn't fit on Edge, but magicallly they are. With the evidence on this page, I have to agree. Not surprised they went against their own words and came out with some of the crazy designs.... You don't think so? The shade of gold has been on the uniforms since 2001. Ownership is a fan of the color (e.g. Mario Lemiuex) so until decided otherwise I do not believe "vegas" gold will leave.
  4. Not a bad suggestion. I sort of like it. But would those fit on an EDGE template? I believe that is one reason why the Pens changed their jerseys from 2006-2007 to the 2007-2008 EDGEs. At some point, I believe the current black and yellow third is going to be the new home jersey, and a white version will be created to be the road.
  5. Right on. What a sour way to look at the game. Shame on you, NFL!
  6. I'm not necessarily against Majestic. However, I do not like the CoolBase uniforms either, and it's a shame replicas will now be of the material. *facepalm* I'm glad Majestic has actually not undergone any "radical" changes to team jerseys & uniforms like Nike has with the NCAA uniforms and some NFL ones. I much prefer traditional over modernized & radically different unis.
  7. Interesting theory. Impressive that you paid much attention to details. +1 Pittsburgh has used the "skating penguin" logo since 1968, when it debuted on the crest of both home and road jerseys. So I doubt there is any dislike between the Sharks and Penguins because, as pointed out, San Jose entered the NHL in 1991. However! There could've been a slight disdain for the Penguins by hockey fans/owners in the Bay Area. The Penguins swept the Oakland Seals in the 1970 NHL playoffs, 4-0. That was the last time the franchise qualified for the playoffs while in the Bay Area. Could be an indirect sign? Coincidence?
  8. France's away kits look great. I like the basic style and look. I'm also fond of the Belgium trio. The use of the crown on the red and yellow kits is cool. Nice design idea there.
  9. The pants, helmet, and gloves look okay. I'm not really a fan of the logo or jersey. I don't like the gold on the jersey. Also the "Penguins" script on the front looks a little to foreign to me. Great effort, though. I appreciate it!
  10. Great work here. I laud your efforts. I imagine this is a tedious and intense process.
  11. I dig those just like they are. I have nothing against their current color scheme, but the old colors are pretty sweet. I agree that these would be good for the transition to a different name.The team now wears gold pants so I guess it is a step in the right direction. I also kind of liked those uniforms. The spear logo does not bother me. It is different than Florida State's. Plus, the Seminoles sport gold helmets.
  12. Sounds really messed up, IMO. eBay needs to get their $h!t together. If they actually tried to weed out the fakes, eBay would know the difference between "Limited", "Game", and "Elite" for the new Nike NFL jerseys. it was because he used the word "Replithetic" If he just said "Limited" he would have been fine I understand. I can believe they would question "replithentic." To me it is being a little knit picky. But if that is their policy, then it makes sense.
  13. Sounds really messed up, IMO. eBay needs to get their $h!t together. If they actually tried to weed out the fakes, eBay would know the difference between "Limited", "Game", and "Elite" for the new Nike NFL jerseys.
  14. How does gray work for home/away jersey? Can it be considered either? i.e. if the home team wears gray, can the visitor wear colors or do they have to wear white (without penalty)?
  15. I concur with your opinion. The top image is their roots in terms of colors and jersey design. Why not go back to it? St. Louis was one of two 1967 Expansion teams to don blue (the other being Pittsburgh). Thus, it makes sense to me.