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  1. USF announced it’s switching from Under Armour to Adidas:
  2. I'd like to see UCF come out with a fresh new design next season. They have a lot of design potential, yet their uniforms are very bland and generic.
  3. Gold - 4 Silver - 13 Bronze - 9
  4. Gold: 18 Silver: 1 Bronze: 10
  5. I don't know why but I am absolutely in love with these unis. Replace the throwback logo with the regular one, this would be the perfect look for OSU.
  6. Gold: 7 Silver: 18 Bronze: 17
  7. The perfect example of how to turn two normally beautiful teams into hot garbage, yikes. This is the second time in 5 weeks Florida has done all anyone else concerned? I don't think Ole Miss looks that bad, just Navy-White-Navy is not their best look. Florida though... just stop with the orange please! Once is enough.
  8. BEST: Texas vs. Notre Dame Honorable Mention: Michigan vs. Utah WORST: Ya, GT and Alcorn
  9. Logos look great, as usual. I love seeing a solid MiLB re-brand. On the hats though I love the middle one, it's perfect, but the one on the left I think would make a nice alt with a blue bill/button, and I'm not a fan of the script logo on a hat. I say stick it on the jersey and that's it.