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  1. USF announced it’s switching from Under Armour to Adidas: http://www.gousfbulls.com/news/2017/12/6/general-athletics-announces-partnership-with-adidas.aspx
  2. I'd like to see UCF come out with a fresh new design next season. They have a lot of design potential, yet their uniforms are very bland and generic.
  3. Wow, Minnesota looks great. The ears kind of look like mountains, or M's. Was that intentional?
  4. I don't like the rounded versions, I like the second version the best so far.
  5. He's alive! Glad to see you back to take on another series. I love what you did with the MLB and NFL, and I expect no different from this series. I'm excited to see what you come up with. As for the Raptors logo, I disagree with the comments above and I think the tongue looks fine. I don't know what it is (it might be the eye) but something gives me a really strong dinosaur vibe on this logo which I really like (the current Raptor's logo set doesn't). Also, are you going to do more progression videos for this series? I enjoyed those in your last series.
  6. I don't know if anybody has mentioned this (I didn't feel like sifting through 33 pages) but, it really bothers me how the Baltimore Orioles primary logo isn't used on there uniforms at all. Their logo should just be the cartoon bird. Why this?... Instead of this?... Look at the Unis... Also it bugs me how the cartoon birds mouth doesn't connect and how elongated the cap bill is. Man I have a lot of problems with the O's. Speaking of that, I really hated that "O's" cap logo that too bugged me very much.
  7. That falcons helmet hurts my eyes! But It looks good at the same time.
  8. Ah! My eyes! Since when did the Marlins move to Oregon! In all seriousness though, solid look. I'm more a classy baseball uniforms kind of guy but come on! At least one MLB teams has to look modern.
  9. The resolution on these two and not enough for the process I us. Sorry, how bout this one? Without the word baseball.
  10. Championship Round: 2021 - Keep it on the west coast... Angel Stadium, Anaheim / Coors Field, Denver Second Round: Pool 1 - New Rays Stadium, Tampa Bay Pool 2 - Tokyo Dome, Tokyo First Round: Pool A - New Seoul Ballpark, Seoul (KOR) Pool B - Hiram Bithorm Stadium, San Juan (PR) Pool C - Western Canada Pool D - Israel (Baseball is becoming really popular there)
  11. Not to be a jerk but... Japan is awful. The Pinstripes are hideous. All the others look great though.
  12. I think on the white and grey the words should be blue with a yellow stroke.
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