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  1. USF announced it’s switching from Under Armour to Adidas:
  2. I'd like to see UCF come out with a fresh new design next season. They have a lot of design potential, yet their uniforms are very bland and generic.
  3. Gold - 4 Silver - 13 Bronze - 9
  4. Gold: 18 Silver: 1 Bronze: 10
  5. I don't know why but I am absolutely in love with these unis. Replace the throwback logo with the regular one, this would be the perfect look for OSU.
  6. Gold: 7 Silver: 18 Bronze: 17
  7. The perfect example of how to turn two normally beautiful teams into hot garbage, yikes. This is the second time in 5 weeks Florida has done all anyone else concerned? I don't think Ole Miss looks that bad, just Navy-White-Navy is not their best look. Florida though... just stop with the orange please! Once is enough.
  8. BEST: Texas vs. Notre Dame Honorable Mention: Michigan vs. Utah WORST: Ya, GT and Alcorn
  9. Logos look great, as usual. I love seeing a solid MiLB re-brand. On the hats though I love the middle one, it's perfect, but the one on the left I think would make a nice alt with a blue bill/button, and I'm not a fan of the script logo on a hat. I say stick it on the jersey and that's it.
  10. Wow, Minnesota looks great. The ears kind of look like mountains, or M's. Was that intentional?
  11. Columbus. Great job on this entire series, I respect all the time and dedication you put into these and it really does show. I think timberwolf is onto something. #WindellForCreamers
  12. I really like Ottawa, but... Stockholm is real sleek. I have to go with Ottawa though.
  13. Even as an Ohio State fan, I must admit those new Michigan road uniforms are gorgeous. Probably my favorite college football uni change this off-season and surprisingly the manufacture of the uniforms is Adidas, of all people. I can't wait to see Michigan roll up to Columbus in a couple years in those. Actually I hope Michigan will have switch to Nike by then.